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Monday, September 30, 2013

TVB Sales Presentation 2014 Revealed


The Sales Presentation will be held on November 7th. Ten-plus grand productions will be introduced.

《大藥坊》 "Big Apothecary"
- Producer: Tsui Ching Hong
- Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, and Raymond Wong will have a love square.
- The storyline is about Linda, who was originally a big pharmaceutical factory's rich girl, but the pharmaceutical factory had problems, causing her family to be in straitened circumstances, and there were also many epidemics that Linda helps resolve. In the past, females' status in society was very low, but Linda strongly faces it.

《飛虎II》 "Tiger Cubs II"

《太監五虎》 "Eunuch Five Tigers"
- The original cast of "The Confidant".

《水髮胭脂》 "Opera Rouge"
- Wayne Lai and Joyce Koi have a romance.

Qing Dynasty Comedy
- Producer: Lee Tim Sing
- Kenneth Ma will shave his head, and will carry the series with Tavia Yeung.

Modern Series (Lawrence Ng)

《老表,你好嘢!》續集 "Inbound Troubles" Sequel

《醋娘子》 "Vinegar Lady" (Myolie Wu, Ron Ng)

《M Club》 "M Club"

《忠奸人》 "Good and Evil People"

《My盛Lady》 "My Prime Lady"

《貓屎媽媽》 "Mr. & Mrs. Bean"

《守業者》 "Property Protector"


Personal Note: Michael Miu said that he was originally going to film a new series in January with Tony Leung about internal conflict in the police force, but Tony has a schedule conflict.

Moses Chan and Myolie Wu were also filming a Sales clip in Tsim Sha Tsui. Heard that the series, temporarily titled 《陪著你走》, is a story about guide dogs. In the series, because of a car accident, Myolie becomes blind, but still has the care of boyfriend Moses. The series is said to film in February.

*Credits to appledaily


  1. I'm sooooo happy about Tavia and Kenneth drama !!!!!!
    It will be so FUNNY :D

  2. Charmaine is confirmed for Jan 2014.