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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Tiger Cubs II" Completion Banquet


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Apple Daily Clip

Joe Ma Treats "Tiger Cubs II" Cast to Appreciation Dinner

Last night, Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Christine Kuo, etc. went to Tsim Sha Tsui for dinner. Joe was responsible for paying the bill; he expressed having already prepared five figures. During this, the cast members suddenly yelled out the slogan 'delay no more'. Joe laughingly said that it was their heartfelt wishes: "The weather was very hot. Very labourious when wearing the entire uniform every time...everyone would say this phrase to vent, hoping to quickly finish filming and for the series to quickly release! (Also film 'Tiger Cubs III'?) Wow! Do not dare to answer. Look at the reaction for the second installment".

Linda Chung Filming Series After Series: No Time to Return to Canada

TVB artiste Linda Chung attended a "Tiger Cubs II" dinner. Regarding other cast members yelling out 'delay no more', Linda seemed to have gotten a fright. She laughingly said that it was her first time hearing it because she does not have many scenes with the SDU team. When asked whether she had gotten a fright, she said, "Very special! (You chipped in to treat?) I also expected to, but Joe said that he would treat, so I prepared some cash draws!" She expressed that she takes a month off to rest every year, but too busy this year...also filming another series soon, so not able to return to Canada to be with her family on Mid-Autumn. When asked about it being rumoured that Raymond Lam would be setting up his own company, Linda expressed not having heard about it. Regarding whether she was being headhunted, she said, "No. I still have a very long contract with TVB. Very happy now!"

*Credits to frenchbull jess, 鍾嘉欣吧, appledaily, and the-sun

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