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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Eliza Sam Fattens People Up with Cookies



Pearl Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Eliza Sam attended a Mid-Autumn event. Regarding her new series currently airing, Eliza laughingly said that, recently, citizens have been calling her character name in the series when she goes out, even getting half off when buying tea leaves, making her extremely happy. She revealed that, on the day of Mid-Autumn, she has to work for the series "M Club"...not able to admire the moon. She even pointed out that, in the past, she would bake cookies, and give them to her family and the security guards. She said, "So far, no one has gotten sick...it's just that many people have gotten fatter! (Has rumoured boyfriend Alan Wan eaten them before?) No!"

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Personal Note: Eliza getting half off on tea leaves now! :P

*Credits to the-sun and appledaily

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  1. by any chance, do you know the name of the dress that Eliza's wearing in the above pix. It's so pretty. Thanks for your help.