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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Brother's Keeper" Promotional Event 1



Pearl Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

"Brother's Keeper" Not an Anniversary Series: Linda Chung Not Disappointed

Artiste Linda Chung attended a promotional event for the new series "Brother's Keeper" at an elementary school. She expressed having specially worn a rather '90s denim dress. Regarding grand production "Brother's" not being classified as an anniversary series, would she feel disappointed? She said, "Anniversary series are given by the media and the viewers. I believe that viewers would definitely like the series. (Closer to the anniversary is easier to fight for awards?) No. Do not weigh awards that heavily!" She also expressed that the scene of her being a SARS patient is her ugliest look since entering the industry...hope that viewers take note of it.

Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu Return to Old School to Promote New Series

Artistes Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu returned to their old school to promote the new series "Brother's Keeper"; they both expressed being extremely happy. When asked about the series in the two time slots having mediocre ratings, would he feel pressure for his starring series? Ruco said, "No pressure. Have confidence in the series. Has a lot of flavour. Believe that it would resonate with viewers! (The cast is not enough?) About the overall. Now, some small budget films only explode!"

Edwin, who has not returned to his old school in a while, did not know the directions, thereby ended up being late. He laughingly said that he is vehicle blind: "Without a GPS, don't know how to go to many places. (Do you know Gigi Ho's house?) Where? She always moves!" He expressed hoping to fight for good ratings to the best of his ability.

*Credits to 鍾嘉欣吧 and the-sun

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