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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Favourite Julian Cheung Songs

Have been a fan of Chi Lam ever since he entered the entertainment industry. During these many years, Chi Lam's road has had its ups and downs, but will continue to support him.

現代愛情故事 Modern Love Story

Definitely a classic duet song of all time...a must-sing song in the karaoke rooms!

祝君好 Wish You Well

Chi Lam is not a strong vocalist, but have always admired him for his emotional delivery...can hear Man Chor's heartfelt wishes for Chuk Kwan Ho.

多謝關心 Thanks for the Concern

十指緊扣 Ten Fingers Clenching

笑中有淚 Smile with Tears

愛情已死 Love Has Already Died

黑色誘惑 Black Temptation

Chi Lam doesn't have many fast tracks, but definitely like this song.

又一天 Another Day

Have always felt that this is one of Chi Lam's most underrated songs.

妳太善良 You Are Too Kind

死去活來 Devastated

我也喜歡你 I Like You, Too

相愛無夢 Love Has No Dream

傾情 Heartily

Definitely have a special place for this song, since this was Chi Lam's first theme song, and "Remembrance" was also his first leading role.

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  1. Thanks for posting these songs - looking forward to his next concert in 2014 hopefully!