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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Linda Chung and Joe Ma Get Injured While Filming Explosive Scene



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Today, another accident occurred when TVB series "Tiger Cubs II" went to Tuen Mun to film its final scene. Linda Chung and Nancy Wu's characters had to get hung up a few stories high, but there were stunt doubles doing it this time. The storyline was about villain Nancy taking Linda hostage, even hanging her up four or five stories high to get revenge. Later, Joe Ma appeared to rescue her. After rescuing her, Nancy was hung up. When Joe was carrying Linda during the explosive scene, he lost his balance and fell forward. Linda fell on the ground, scraping her left hand and losing a piece of her skin. Linda's left palm and her left and right arms, as well as Joe's right elbow, got scraped and bled.

After the accident occurred, staff members immediately used water to clean Linda's wound. Although Linda was in so much pain that she cried, she still did not forget to console Joe. Producer Lam Chi Wah immediately halted filming, and told the two of them to go into the vehicle to rest and to immediately go see the doctor after completing filming. When Linda was asked whether she was afraid and whether she could handle it, her eyes were red, but she nodded her head. Then she cried out. Afterward, she calmed her emotions and got ready to film again.

Joe had a bandage on his arm. He said, "My shoulder hurts a bit. Because I lost my balance during the explosion, I naturally reacted and went forward. Sorry. First, must apologize to Linda". After consoling Linda, Nancy said, "Really cannot avoid accidents. All in all, did all the safety measures. Nothing with Linda...just came too suddenly. Most important that the bones are okay...just got a scare. When filming explosive scenes, it is indeed more nerve-wracking. When filming this series, I also got scraped earlier. Luckily, there was no big problem".

Personal Note: So many injuries from filming this series....

*Credits to 鍾嘉欣吧, the-sun, appledaily, youku, singtao, the-sun, and Weibo

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