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Saturday, February 4, 2012

"The Hippocratic Crush" Promotional Clip 4


*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. kyah!! can't wait!!

  2. The idea that a doctor gets sick "again" for like the 4th time in a TVB hospital series makes me not want to watch this ><" Would rather come up with something new. Geez and it just had to be the female lead who gets sick again. Even changing it to a a supporting actor who gets sick would've been more appealing.

    1. This "ironic" storyline doesn't only appear in TVB medical dramas (e.g., "Grey's Anatomy"). Think that it is quite extreme to not want to watch a series just because it has that storyline, especially since it doesn't seem to be the main focus of the series.

  3. translate please:D

  4. Can't wait to watch Tavia in here! She is going to nail it! Support her! =D