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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"The Hippocratic Crush" Promotional Event 1


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, etc. dressed up as doctors and nurses when attending a promotional event in TVB City for the TVB series "The Hippocratic Crush". The organizer arranged a birthday cake to celebrate Kenneth's upcoming birthday. Godmother Gigi Wong also made a surprise appearance.

Dating Is About Fate

Rumoured pair Tavia and Him graciously took a picture with each other. The two both referred to each other as friends, also denying their romance.

Tavia expressed having to work on Valentine's Day. When asked whether she prepared a gift, she said, "I usually receive gifts...don't give much". She admitted that she would make a dinner appointment with the male party in her spare time. Regarding the opportunity for development, she said, "Must talk about fate. All in all, the most important for friends getting along with each other is that it must be comfortable". Him said that career is the first priority...leaving romantic matters to fate.

Personal Note: No wonder Gigi Jeh's name was not on the attendance list! :D

Ma Ming's hair is quite long, as he has to maintain his British hairstyle in "Prominent Family".... o_O

He he.... Him seems to have gained some weight after returning from his vacation.... :P

Funny how Raymond wore a wig! :D

He he.... Tavia gave Ma Ming two kisses for his birthday! :P

*Credits to tvb.com and appledaily


  1. Him looks a lot better now that he's gained some weight. (Fala too) They just looks so much healthier and brighter.

    I love Raymond Cho! He's so funny.

  2. is there something in tavia's hair? or is it...a white hair? hahahah

  3. I agree Him looks much better & healthier now!

    Mandy's hair look awful...

  4. Tavia's answers have always been funny and playful! :D