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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Putting Together Picture of Ideal Boyfriend, Bernice Liu Avoids Choosing Moses Chan's Face


Ming Pao Clip


Bernice Liu held a book signing for her dog book "From Macbailey, with Love" yesterday. Bernice invited Hilary Tsui, who wrote the book's forward, and gave her a pair of watches as a thank you. With Valentine's Day approaching, the organizer arranged for Bernice to put together an ideal boyfriend by choosing her favourite facial features from a group male artistes. Bernice intentionally did not choose Moses Chan's facial features, but unknowingly chose former rumoured boyfriend Hawick Lau's forehead.

Bernice expressed that [she] has already released dog books, helping with the fundraising for the Children's Catastrophic Disease Foundation. She said, "This foundation is not as known. When I first contacted the doctor in charge, I said that I was Bernice Liu, and he even laughed and told me not to joke around". Bernice said that all the profits from writing this book will be donated, hoping to help even more people.

When asked on how she would be spending Valentine's Day, Bernice expressed that she will have to spend it working. She said, "I noticed that my parents don't have many opportunities to travel, so I'm giving them a trip to Bali. It was originally the Maldives, but suddenly changed destinations due to political changes in the area". As for whether she intentionally did not choose Moses' face during the game, she said, "I really didn't recognize it. Perhaps it is because I just saw Kenneth Ma the other day, so I ended up choosing his eyes. Actually, I like Brad Pitt's facial hair the most...don't know whether [I] would get pricked by facial hair". When it was mentioned that former boyfriend Moses also previously grew facial hair, Bernice immediately said, "I never kissed [someone with facial hair] before, so don't know".

Personal Note: From the finished picture, it can be seen that Ron's forehead was actually chosen.... You can even match up the brown board in the background of the original picture.... o_O

He he.... Ma Ming's eyes and nose are from his "A Fistful of Stances" costume fitting picture! :D In the on.cc news, Bernice said that she recognized Ma Ming's eyes, which reminded me of the time she went on "Fan and Kam" and recognized Ma Ming's lips.


*Credits to mingpao, wenweipo, the-sun, and 雪子Yuki


  1. @hyn5: I agree with you! The forehead that Bernice picked is indeed Ron's and not Hawick's! Hawick's forehead is the one on the bottom left corner! How did the media get that wrong?!

    I find it very cute that Bernice can easily recognize MM's features! :D

    1. Apparently, Apple Daily reported that Bernice chose Ron's forehead.

  2. aw so cute!! :-d so when did Bernice see kenneth? was there another function that i dont kno about? :-( obviously its not a TVB function

    1. According to various news articles, Bernice said that she recently had a mall event with Ma Ming, but Ma Ming didn't have any events recently (apart from "Hippocratic"'s first promo event, which was held in TVB City, his most recent was with Lily Ho at the end of January), so there may have been an error in the reports. However, Bernice did say that she recognized Ma Ming's features immediately.