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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miriam Yeung Announces That She Is Carrying a Boy


Ming Pao Clip

Singer Miriam Yeung, who is six-months pregnant, wore half-inch heels as a Film Festival Ambassador. She revealed that she has already gained 16 to 17 pounds, and that she is carrying a boy. However, because the sciatic nerve pain has made it difficult to take steps, she has plans to begin 'forbidding [herself] from going in and out' and resting after attending next month's premiere for [her] new movie. She, who has not been working at home, expressed that she has been watching movies and series to pass the time. She, who was a nurse before entering the industry, also highly praised Kenneth Ma's outstanding performance in the TVB series "The Hippocratic Crush". As for appearing at Wyman Wong's concert earlier, did it mean that the hug had vanished the love and hate? She frankly said that she and [Wyman] never had any hatred, and was deeply moved by the purple stroller that he gave [her].

Personal Note: Already guessed that Miriam would be having a boy...congrats to Miriam! :)

Glad to hear that Miriam is enjoying the series from a medical point of view! :D

"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 9

*Credits to mingpao and the-sun


  1. Miriam is also watching "On Call"? That's great since she used to be a nurse, so it's convincing coming from her!

    1. Miriam had previously Weibo-ed that she was watching it (http://www.weibo.com/1692801804/y5Eg5zNoS).

  2. Miriam has great eyes and judgement! :)