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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Queens of Diamonds and Hearts" Full MV

"Flawed Beauty" - Fala Chen

缺陷美 《東西宮略》 主題曲 - 陳法拉

作曲: John Laudon
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: 葉肇中
監製: 鄧智偉

有意栽花 無人讚美 散發幽香 遠飄一千里
細雪紛飛 繁星點起 有各自的隱秘
霎眼之間 無誰惦記 我會讓你放於心扉
世界寬廣 曇花依稀 哪處能留住你

*欣賞一切缺陷美 讓我拿出勇氣 戰勝無常天氣

#無懼現在是無人愛 都不捨得感慨
以後亦能自愛 灑脫面對未來
競艷換誰憐愛 真心都給掩蓋
努力未曾倦怠 總有自己風采

種過的花 無人讚美 我也感激 自己的福氣
振翅高飛 承擔得起 有結聚有別離
碰上一刻 誰曾厭棄 我卻獨有絕不可比
有過歡喜 如果傷悲 我會來陪著你

Repeat *#

Personal Note: Like Fala's previous theme songs, there is also not much range in this song; however, I like the erhu. Enunciation can also be further improved (e.g., she tends to drop the ending sound of 得, which makes it sound like its Mandarin pronunciation).

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Is Sharon's character rather flat in this series? It seems like Fala has the more layered character.

  2. Am I hearing things or did it sound like Fala was singing some Mandarin words?

    1. Noticed that Fala tends to drop the ending sound for 得, which makes it sound like its Mandarin pronunciation.