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Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" Visit

J2 Clip

"Extra" Clip

Personal Note: He he.... Ma Ming's cute and fitting nickname for Rebecca...'Morning Zhu' (晨 = Morning; 朱 = Zhu)! :P Now, everyone in makeup even calls her that!

Ma Ming didn't know who Clayton Li was, while Rebecca was unaware of Ma Ming's rumoured girlfriends.... :P

Since Idy does not film intimate scenes, guess that those scenes will be given Damian's other wives.... :P He he....

*Credits to tavia.org


  1. I hope TVB does more of these behind-the-scenes specials! They're so interesting!

  2. This reminds me of K-100 with the behind the scenes! I really hated how they cancelled that show <.< Used to have alot of behind the scenes footage, they need to bring that back!

    I've never seen Rebecca act before but from this I already have a great impression of her seems to be very natural with her acting and great personality. She reminds me of Noel Leung

    1. Also miss K-100!

      Once in a while, there would be set visits, but haven't seen much lately.

  3. Kenneth and Rebecca seem to be getting along quite well. Kenneth really seems like a caring guy, I have noticed that he would bend his knees to accommodate to her height. I think "Morning Zhu" is a cute nickname too. Haha, I can imagine people calling her that from now on.

    Rebecca seems a lot more relaxed when doing interviews now. Her acting seem quite natural from what I saw in this clip.

    To sport3888: Now that you say so, I think Rebecca reminds me of Noel Leung too. I think it is their voices that sound kind of similar.

    1. Ma Ming frequently splits his legs to accommodate his co-stars' height. :)

    2. That's why Rebecca always praise him for being a gentleman, because his actions are indeed very caring and considerate.

    3. MM is indeed a gentleman! It is always funny to see him sweet talk! I love MM! <3 <3

  4. "Morning Zhu" How cute is that... i think rebecca looked very natural on screen for a newbie and i agreed you guys that her acting looks very promising from the clip and yeh she has great personality as well :)

  5. Any Shanghainese speakers here? Tavia's Shanghainese sounded authentic to me! She's so cute! :D

  6. eww, why damien, he's old and erh!~
    i sat watching the 20 hours of the mysteries of love without any proper kissing scene between raymond and tavia! *rage*
    kissing kenneath would be so much better!