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Friday, September 30, 2011

Series List for TVB Sales Presentation 2012


For this year's Sales Presentation, Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung are in charge of their own productions. (In the past few years, producers under Catherine were mainly responsible for the filming of the Sales Presentation.)


Tommy Leung

《呂氏為王》 "Lu for King" (Gallen Lo, Tavia Yeung)

《衝上雲霄II》 "Triumph in the Skies II" (Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui)

《名媛望族》 "Prominent Family" (Damian Lau, Idy Chan, Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng)

《雷霆掃毒》 "Thunderous Drug Raid" (Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Michael Miu, Kate Tsui)

《飛虎》 "Special Duties Unit" (Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan)

《On Call 36小時》 "36 Hours on Call" (Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law)

Catherine Tsang

《呂后傳》 "The Chronicles of Empress Lu" (Kevin Cheng, Maggie Cheung)

《金枝慾孽II》 "War and Beauty II" (Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Ada Choi)

《神探哥倫布》 "Detective Columbo" (Wayne Lai, Tavia Yeung)

《天梯》 "Ladder to Heaven" (Moses Chan, Maggie Cheung, Aimee Chan, Joel Chan)

《Miss Cool外傳》 "Miss Cool Spin-off" (Linda Chung, Bosco Wong)

《當旺爸爸》 "Lucky Father" (Steven Ma, Linda Chung)

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Personal Note: These are only the series that are featured in the Sales Presentation; thus, all the series listed here will not necessarily be filmed, and the cast and the premise of the series are not confirmed and are subject to change.

There has been a number of movies and Mainland series revolving around the Chu-Han period recently, so not surprised that Tommy and Catherine both have plans to have Sales clips about Lu. If this series does film, it would be nice to see Gallen and Maggie work together instead....

He he.... Lee Tim Sing's upcoming April series has a name! :)

*Credits to mingpao and tvbchannel


  1. Hmm, have the sales clips always been separated into TL and CT in the past years?

    Is "Detective Columbo" confirmed to film?

    I agree with you hyn5! I want Gallen and Maggie to reunite!

  2. Only one series of Myolie and four of Tavie? Unfair.

  3. @rei: It's only the sales, so it's not actually confirmed. Tavia is not filming anything right now, while Myolie is finishing the series with Selena, and she is getting ready for GJ2. Also, the sales is to lure sponsors. From the list, it looks like most of them are going to be ancient. Tavia has a good ancient look compared to others in her generation.

    For the last time, it's TAVIA! You don't see other Tavia fans misspelling Myolie's name. Thank you!

  4. What happened to Michael Miu, Kenneth and Nancy in the Triumph in he Skies sequel?

  5. Don't like to watch any series of Tavia. Don't think she is good. She has too much series. Give the audiences a break.

  6. Getting Ada over Gigi Lai is such a vast improvement. WAB II is looking really good. It's a shame that Bowie probably won't be back though.

  7. I'm a Linda fan, but what's up with the title "Miss Cool's Spin-off"? TVB could've came up with a better title, even if it's a Sales Presentation! I don't dig Bosco. He and Linda didn't show chemistry in "Gen of Life", and don't get me started with "Moonlight Resonance".

  8. I may be bias but why Ma Ming is not in the promotional clip of Prominent Family even when he's confirmed to film the series?

  9. Sorry I mean the sales presentation.

  10. @Advo: Uhh...it was ONLY rumored that Gigi might film WAB2. But in reality, Gigi wasn't going to come back.

  11. I'm excited to see Tavia in some ancient series again. She looks prettier in ancient series to me. :)

    I wonder if Raymond will really end up filming Triumph 2. That'll be really interesting with a lot of the top siu sang/fadans filming this. I hope they end up getting Chilam to film this though.

  12. @ Tracy. I never thought Gigi was coming back in the first place. But it's still a VAST upgrade to go from Gigi to someone like Ada. IF Ada accepts, that is. She and Sheren will be magnificent.

  13. I agree! Would like to see Gallen and Maggie as a pair again! Love them in Old Time Buddy!

  14. aww I was hoping to see a sales presentation of ATF! ah dieing to watch that series cause of Ruco!

  15. To Guru:

    As mentioned in the original article, in the past few years, producers under Catherine were mainly responsible for the filming of the Sales Presentation; however, this year, executives decided to have Catherine and Tommy film their Sales clips separately.

    To Advo:

    They will most likely film the Sales clip as well, but were just not mentioned in this article.

    To Naf_Adnil:

    That should be the working title of the series, as there is no official title for it yet.

    To milo001:

    Ma Ming is in the Sales clip; his name was just not mentioned in this article.

    To sport3888:

    This is most likely a partial list. Last year's Sales Presentation had 16 series. Also want to see "ATF"!

  16. Some pretty big productions there....

    For some reason, still not looking forward to Miss Koo Spinoff..that just sounds sad. As in sad case sad.

    What's Detective Columbo? That sounds like a comedy??

  17. AC totally agree! I'm really hoping Chilam gets to film this, he'd look so cute and dashing as the pilot XD of course I'm still hoping for them to add Ruco in there even if it's just a guest star role I still want him in there just so I can see him in the pilot suit! Plus it's rare if TVB will ever film a sequel after this one requires a big budget with lots of trouble finding sponsors. The last one was so many years ago.

  18. But.. I thought Miss Cool was with Kenneth now? Why is she with paired with Bosco?

  19. 'Miss Cool spin-off' sounds lame. As much as I like Miss Cool her story is over and finished! What TVB should do is create a new story and pair Linda with Kenneth instead of recycling the pairing of Kenneth-Tavia.

    I hope Chilam can be in Triumph 2 for real! I don't dig Michael Miu's acting and he's too old. Chilam or Ruco will be better as the pilot.

  20. @Selina if kenneth was in the series you'll say a whole different thing about it

  21. Yeh Miss Cool is not cool anymore.....I don't see what character development there can be...Just make a new series for Linda if they really want to. No need to continue using the same character and name it 'Miss Koo' spin-off because the character's finished. She's undergone a character change in YSNS anyway. And the only interesting thing about that role was a) she was cool and cocky 'chuen' (but that was no more after she went out with Law Sir) b) her crying scene after she found out about Law Sir (shows her weak side). So unless something MISUNFORTUNATE happens to her again and makes her breakdown and kill herself and cry all over again then no..... Miss Koo is not appealing to me.


  22. @Anonymous

    The fact is Miss Koo ended up with Kenneth at the end of Yes Sir. There is nothing more to develop about her character that's why the series is lame and it's awkward when they kick out Kenneth and put Bosco in.

    I'm not watching this "Miss Cool spin-off' for sure. The title now is lame too.

  23. All of Tsang's series have great potential beside "Miss Cool spin-off' which sounds lame. Not looking forward for this one for sure.

    For Tommy, especially likes 36 Hours and Prominent Family. The others are ok. Triumph 2 doesn't look grand enough. It will look better if they add more experienced actors such as Chilam and Ruco. Kevin can be added too since he has a lot of woman fans. Kenneth better not pushed aside. He's already pushed aside from Miss Cool spin-off.

  24. @Selina of course ur a kenneth fan that's y u like his series

  25. @Anonymous: Hmm, it sounds like you're a Bosco fan? I sense that you're standing on the defensive side here? I can't speak for Selina but I don't think it has anything to do with who she's a fan of but who she liked Miss Cool ending up with? I like MM but i don't watch all of his series. I certainly don't like all of his series but some fans can be blinded sometimes and say their idols are good at everything. We all know that is not true because people have their strengths and weaknesses. ;)

  26. @Anonymous

    Why are you over defensive? I just point out that in the end of Yes Sir, Miss Koo has ended up with Kenneth and it's awkward that Kenneth is pushed out from the spin off when Miss Koo ended with him! If it's another guy I will say it's awkward too.

    Besides that Miss Koo has already found her new life when she met Kenneth and she has become more open and less cool after she met Moses so I can't see how they will make a spin off out of her story. So the spin-off is LAME

  27. To LadyJay, Selina & Ben:

    In the new Miss Cool series, Linda will also play a cool character, but it will not be the same character as the one in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"

  28. if Linda's not playing Miss Koo..... then there's no point of calling it "Miss Koo Spinoff"..... It's just another normal Linda series.

    So misleading.

  29. Yes what's the point of naming the series 'Miss Koo spin-off' if it's not a Miss Koo series? Lame

    Lucky Father is so much better for a Linda series. Steven and Linda look cute in this series!

  30. To Anonymous & Selina:

    It should be like Roger's Ah Wong. In "Life Made Simple", he had the same name and similar personality characteristics, but the story was not related to "Square Pegs".

  31. um hyn5, isnt the cast of "thunderous" should be michael, roger, kevin; or roger, michael, kevin. cuz im pretty sure kevin wont be first line artist compared to the two veterans. correct it please

  32. To evieta:

    That's the order that was listed in the original Ming Pao article.

  33. @hyn5, other trusted site's cast for "thunderous", like asianfanatics, has michael, roger, kevin.

  34. @evieta well maybe those sites prefer to put it in whatever order they want. Hyn's just translating the article. Doesn't mean hyn is saying Kevin should lead over the other two actors. Not really that big of a deal of whose name is first or not.

    hmm this year's sales presentation doesnt look to interesting..maybe cause i dont have faith in TVB in being able to do well with prominent family/wab2 ..and love steps/ladder...

  35. To evieta:

    If you click on the second picture of this post, you will see the cast order in the original Ming Pao article. I translated it directly from the Ming Pao article.

  36. sorry for misunderstanding, i can't read cantonese. but, i guess that's how it is.