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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kenneth Ma Pursues Elaine Yiu




Yesterday, Elaine Yiu attended an event promoting traffic safety. She expressed that she would definitely not drive after drinking, because she doesn't have her driver's license, and she usually travels by taxi. When asked whether she had a wealthy boyfriend to be her chauffeur, she said, "Broke up for over a half year!" Upon hearing this, Kenneth Ma jokingly said, "Wow! I have a chance now!" Kenneth expressed that he welcomes Elaine to call him to be her chauffeur. Elaine said, "He is, following Moses Chan, TVB's second 'Good Property'!"

Personal Note: He he.... Ma Ming "pursuing" Elaine now.... ;) Ironic how Ma Ming offered to be Elaine's chauffeur, as he tends to take public transportation, even though he has his own vehicle. :P

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao


  1. oh ma ming is such a playboy hahaha, i thought he was pursuing tavia!

  2. To huama:

    He he.... Ma Ming's "targets" change from time to time. Aside from Tavia, he also previously mentioned Selena, Fala, and Natalie. ;)

  3. haha, how cute! I wonder if he really has a crush on any of the tvb artists.

  4. do ma ming talk about tavia?