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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kenneth Ma Choks Out a Bad Guy


Kenneth Ma is not afraid of being typecast...hopes to play even more evil roles.

Kenneth Ma refers to himself as 'Chok Knight'...measuring up against Raymond Lam and Michael Tse.

Kenneth Ma has been the spokesperson for a skin care brand for seven consecutive years. When filming a print ad earlier, 'chok' was the theme. Wearing a smart suit, he had a 'chok' pose, and referred to himself as 'Chok Knight'. He said, "Hope to increase luck in love, affinity with the audience, and certainly luck with the ladies as well with good skin!" He, who has been playing evil roles in many series recently, was asked whether he was worried about being typecast as a bad guy. He expressed that a bad guy image should be able to attract an even broader audience...hope to have an opportunity to play an even more evil villain role in the future.

FYI: Ma Ming has been the spokesperson of Men's Skin Centre (MSC) since 2006.

Personal Note: He he.... Ma Ming looks Korean here...super handsome! :D

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao


  1. He looks so handsome! <3
    I understand why he likes to play the villain, but i love him more as the good guy!

  2. Wow, Kenneth Ma now and Kenneth Ma of few years ago are like two different persons! He has improved much!

  3. MM zhen de hen shuai! :)

    Didn't notice that MM has such long fingers!

  4. To Guru:

    Many frequently praise his slender fingers. :P