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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kenneth Ma's Kiss with Mandy Wong Was Very Pleasant



Mandy Wong, who has changed to the 'big girl' route, has not only been frequently dressing sexily recently, but also kissing simultaneously in series! After filming an intense kiss scene with Benjamin Yuen, she also filmed a kiss scene with co-star Kenneth Ma the night before. [She] also kissed until her face went gaunt. Afterward, Kenneth praised her for being good to kiss, frankly saying that it was extremely pleasant!

The night before, Kenneth and Mandy filmed a kiss scene for the new series "36 Hours on Call". Mandy, who was very into the scene, kissed until her face went gaunt, attracting a bunch of onlookers. Mandy, who intensely kissed Benjamin earlier, referred to herself as being a 'pro'. Kenneth laughingly said, "She is not as experienced as I am. In 'The Mysteries of Love', I kissed four or five girls. They laughed at me for using up my kissing quota in one go! However, I haven't done kiss scenes for a while...slightly nervous!"

As for Mandy, she revealed that her first onscreen kiss went to Him Law. When asked who was the best to kiss, she laughingly said, "Him is more moist, Benjamin has more feeling, while Kenneth is more dry! He is also very dry!" Upon hearing this, Kenneth immediately laughingly said, "But I think that you are very good to kiss...it was very pleasant".

Groans About Seeing Money Slip Through His Fingers

As for Steven Ma being dissatisfied with TVB for not attaching importance to the series "The Life and Times of a Sentinel", Kenneth, who is also this series' male lead, said, "Perhaps it is because 'Lives of Omission' will also have a movie; thus, the company put more promotion on it". He frankly said that business is business, and there is nothing more to say. [He] also said, "Steven has always been straightforward. (Did he ever mention to you about terminating his contract in advance?) Previously, we did chat. He said that there are many companies in Mainland approaching him". It has been said that Steven is dissatisfied with TVB for turning down Mainland series for him. Kenneth immediately revealed that TVB had also previously turned down two series for him, causing him to lose out on the opportunity to 'earn RMB'...extremely unfortunate!

Personal Note: He he.... You can tell that it was a forced kiss! :P

*Credits to the-sun

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  1. looking forward ^^. looks like mandy is the next in line promotion actress