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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Men with No Shadows" Promotional Event 2



Bobby Au Yeung Has Confidence in Ratings

Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bobby Au Yeung, etc. went to Kowloon Bay to attend a promotional event for the new series "Men with No Shadows". Recently, Raymond has been repeatedly promoting the new series. He expressed that the initial broadcast of the new series is very important, being able to attract viewers to continue watching the storyline; the series' online click rate results are also not bad. "Men" premiered on Monday. Since it was Mid-Autumn Festival that night, Raymond expressed having watched the new series when he and his friends had a reunion dinner. The new series is rumoured to have plagiarized the western film "Meet Joe Black". Raymond emphasized that the new series did not plagiarize, and that the story would be unexpected. He said, "Did anyone watch the new series? No, right? Will know when everyone watches it. Considered an expected storyline. Actually, this time is quite the risk because it is not selling the storyline, but only introducing the characters. Have to rely on the viewers' curiosity to continue watching". Does he want to become TV king with this series? He said, "The most important is that there are people watching it. The best would be that, when I go out, everyone would call me 'demon', which would prove that everyone has taken note of it. Awards are not important to me. The most straightforward is that viewers like it".

Bobby, who has gained some weight, expressed that it was due to eating many mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival. Regarding the broadcast of the new series encountering the Mid-Autumn Festival, Bobby, who is always a ratings guarantee, was not only not worried, he even praised himself by saying that his ratings would always win every time. He laughingly said, "The company's arrangement is not bad. Know my ability. Frequently giving difficult missions for me to do. Also experienced the World Cup before. The company likes to look for me to go fight the battle. Would win every time".

Tavia had to return to the set to work on Mid-Autumn Festival but was not lonely, as she, Mandy Wong, etc. prayed to the old man under the moon together. She said, "We brought a lot of fruits, and burned incense for the old man under the moon together, praying for popularity and marriage fate. However, it was my first time praying. Don't know if it is efficacious". Regarding whether she prayed to be able to become TV queen, Tavia laughingly said that this was not related to the old man under the moon. She only asked for work to be smooth...would be happy whether she receives an award or not.

Personal Note: Bobby's response toward watching the second episode with the audience was funny.... "Oh! Really is enjoyable to watch!" "Oh! Bobby, you really are handsome!" :D

*Credits to taviayeung.com

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