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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bobby Au Yeung Not Willing to Leave TVB


Even when Bobby Au Yeung poses, it is especially eye-catching.

Bobby Au Yeung showed excitement upon seeing his photo.

Bobby Au Yeung awkwardly pointed at his look for "The File of Justice III".

When filming a promotional clip, Bobby Au Yeung played crazily with Florence Kwok.

Artiste Bobby Au Yeung was promoting a TVB programme...will be airing the classic series "Dicey Business" in which he stars in. When asked whether this series is his pick, he said, "If the company says it is, then it is. Finally my turn to have my productions air. (There are many siu sangs and fa dans leaving recently. The company is using this to appease you?) If I were to leave, I would have left early on". He stressed that he has good relations with TVB...not willing to leave.

Personal Note: TVB is finally airing "Our...Bobby Au Yeung Series"! :D So humble of Bobby to say that, in his heart, he has no classics. :) His series should be airing for a while, since he has many good series and sequels to his series. :)

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao


  1. LOLS omg i'd watch this special for Bobby!! I grew up watching Bobby dramas!!!

  2. Ah! This is exciting! Bobby has many good series during the 90s.

  3. lol...all his dramas are classic, love Bobby:P