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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Forensic Heroes III" Theme Song


"Witness" - Wayne Lai & Ron Ng

目擊 《法證先鋒III》 主題曲 - 黎耀祥/吳卓羲

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

黎: 藏在眼裡無休止 像塵沫掩蓋著前事
心愧但是無言 留痕亦沒辦法磨滅
吳: 層疊線索誰刪剪 淚來滴乾你潛藏哪一面
收斂極盡人前 遺留著實證說明又開展

*合: 給推敲 給推算 決意將推翻
疑惑靜待日後 尋事實未晚
就地目擊他 愈就近愈偏差
事實在分岔 重重謎團連環事態
千種心理見解 一種天理已在旁觀他
未及目擊他 用實驗做推翻
沒漏洞偏差 仍能尋回還原狀態
可分析去拆解 怎解釋理性共情之間

黎: 誰在佈置誰飾演 讓時日沖淡著前事
真相敗露人前 如沉澱突發再浮現
吳: 無奈愛意難刪剪 命途上總有共時有相異
講再會別離時 從前像幻覺眼前在伸展

Repeat *

Personal Note: Like the song, but the rock element doesn't match the series. Still prefer the theme song from part one. ;)

He he.... Can only hear Ron when he and Wayne sing together.

It sounds as though Wayne's voice was altered, as he sounds much younger here...definitely sounds different when compared to "Red Butterfly"....


  1. I absolutely love this song, but it is not the original version, can see that it is recorded from a speaker or something. Thus I think the clear version would be able to hear Wayne's 'own' voice, as he sounds kinda different here.

  2. Actually I could hear Ron's voice apart from Wayne's here, not just when they are singing together :P Lol. I wonder what this drama will turn out to be like?

    Lmao just want to add in: was just re-watching "At The Threshold of an Era" and Raymond Lam just made a cameo appearance LOL.

  3. Anyone knows what's the title of the english song in episode 8 when the couple kissed?

  4. Oops... i meant episode 18.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YvxKqccOt4

    (the anonymous cmt abv mine) i think this is the song your looking for

  6. where can i get the song where in episode 28 when the couple got together and an english song played....like this this is how it begins, falling in love.........