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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"36 Hours on Call" Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip

Here are some pictures of Ma Ming and Tavia filming their final scene of "36 Hours on Call", which caused him to have swollen eyes at the completion banquet.


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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming read the news about Mandy's comment about him being 'dry'! He he.... Mandy and Ma Ming didn't acknowledge Him! :P

Funny how Tavia said that she told Ma Ming her life story in order to help him with his crying. ;)

*Credits to Weibo


  1. the part with Kenneth teasing Ma Ming is cute

  2. Kenneth is cute! This look like a great emotional scene. I hope Kenneth can be nominated for TV King next year with this :D

  3. no kiss scene with ma ming and tavia !?!? so sad...

  4. @huama

    but there is kissing between Kenneth and Mandy. That's good enough since still got Kenneth's kising scene

  5. So that's why Kenneth's eyes were so red. I saw pictures and I thought that he was just really tired. Maybe Tavia's life story worked. I kid, I kid, haha. :P At least you know that the crying scene was real. Haha.

  6. who plays kenneth's brother in 36 hours?

  7. To Anonymous:

    Nathan Ngai plays Kenneth's younger brother in "36".