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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Forensic Heroes III" Promotional Clip 4

Personal Note: Quite weird hearing Aimee say "nine" in Chinese when the rest was in English.... o_O

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. You say measurements in Chinese. What's so weird about that? -.-

    e.g. 係九cm嘅傷痕, 佢用嘅係AK四十七,一把七cm嘅刀

  2. To Anonymous:

    For Aimee's line, what was subsequently being described was in English; however, for the examples that you provided, everything was basically in Chinese.

  3. LOL hyn5 was right.....its weird as in the whole phrase she said was in english except the 'nine' word.....

  4. "九mm嘅 Parabellum" is correct. Parabellum is a name for a cartridge/bullet, so of course it's normal to be said in English.

  5. @crazypenuins: If you say it like that then millimeter is 毫米. Parabellum is 'Lo Kak'.