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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"ICAC Investigators 2011"


Official Site

Episode 1: 盲目

Cast: Julian Cheung, Maggie Shiu, Wilfred Lau, Leila Tong, Timothy Cheng, Fu Fang Xiong, Kam Loi Kwan, Ben Yuen

Episode 2: 黑白線

Cast: Nadia Chan, Power Chan, Lam Lei, Louis Cheung, Endy Chow, Tony Ho

Episode 3: 心魔

Cast: Kenneth Chan, Theresa Lee, Pinky Cheung, Carl Ng, Det Dik, Icy Wong, Ting Yu, Richard Ng, Charles Ying

Episode 4: 黃金惡夢

Cast: Teddy Robin, William So, Coco Chiang, Vanessa Yeung, Kuk Fung, Endy Chow, Mark Cheung, Strawberry Yeung, Clement Cheng, Susan Siu, Geoffrey Wong

Episode 5: 私症

Cast: Kenneth Tsang, Kary Ng, Sammul Chan, Helen Poon, Jackson Wan, Lawrence Lau, Clifton Ko, Farini Cheung, Honman Ko, Lo Hoi Pang, Shaun Tam, Ava Yu

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Personal Note: "ICAC Investigators 2011" will air on Saturday, November 5th @ 7:30pm on RTHK and TVB.

Bowie Lam originally had an opportunity to take part in the first episode (directed by Dante Lam), but didn't do so because of a schedule conflict; however, he did some voice-over work for the series.

Haven't seen Nadia and Strawberry in a long time! :)


  1. Wah! Many ATV actors in this ICAC!

    @hyn5: Aren't TVB-contracted artistes not allowed to film for other tv stations? Doesn't Maggie and Power still have contracts with TVB?

  2. I'm really anticipating this year's ICAC because of the cast.

    Kenneth Chan back to portraying the baddie, lol

    I like Chilam's look. :)

  3. To Guru:

    It is an ICAC series, and since RTHK is affiliated with the government, it is not really considered filming for other TV stations.

  4. The cast looks so powerful!!!

    See, this is what Hong Kong's entertainment should be like! Getting artist from different stations to cooperate.... that only makes the series great and fresh! Not like TVB using the same faces over and over again.

    Kenneth Chan is ATV.... does that mean its ok for him to film a series that's broadcasted on TVB? Or do they like 'dub' his voice like what TVB did to Ada Choi when her Mainland series was airing on ATV?

  5. the music is very annoying... it doesn't suit the series and its too loud.

  6. TVB is required to air RTHK shows for certain amount of time. Like what hyn5 said RTHK is funded by government that's why actors and singers of diff companies can take part in their shows! Just like Rooms to Let and their firefigter series which was great way better than BF3.

    Note: Kenneth Chan is not part of ATV anymore! He's been with iCable for a while now just that iCable is more loose and allows him to work for ATV when they want him.

  7. TVB has aired RTHK shows many times that had ATV actors always with their own voices! the only reason why ATV need to dub TVB actors' voices is cause TVB requires that on their contract!

    Plus from the list it seems like 90% of the actors and singers don't have contract and aren't managed by TVB

    I agree this is what HK entertainment should be, other countries including mainland has outside managers for artistes rather than the tv station managing the artiste. That why actors can film for whoever they want! With 80% of hk singers now not contracted to TVB, and can go on other tv stations and finally speak Cantonese on other HK channels. I hope it's only a matter of time before the tv management thing goes down.