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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung Birthday Party 2010



Ron and Tavia held a birthday party on Sunday, August 29th, and celebrated with their fans.

Tavia's sick, so her voice was hoarse. She said that she sounded like a guy, and when she and Ron hugged each other, she said that he was hugging a guy. Then Ron said that it's always like that. Ha ha.... :D

Ron was 30 minutes late, as he was still filming "Yes Sir, No Sir".

Tavia said that she is now 31 years old, while Ron said that he is 30 years old. Tavia then told him to "Han-de-la!", and said that is, at most, a few months older than Ron. Then fans reminded her that there is only a three-day difference between the two of them.

During the game segment, one of Ron's fans didn't know the answer, so Tavia told them to say "吳卓羲好衰" in Mandarin (which would sound like "吳卓羲好帥"). Ha ha....

After Ron and Tavia had cut the cake, they were presented with two bouquets of flowers. Ron was curious as to what colour of flowers did Tavia receive, so he was leaning his head toward Tavia's flowers. :P Tavia's were purple, and Ron's were red. No surprise there, as those are their banner colours. He he.... :)

Manager Garly shares the same birthday as Tavia; therefore, they also gave her flowers. For the first time, Ron gave Garly a birthday kiss. Tavia said that she has given her a kiss many times, and then said that Ron is not filial. Ron explained saying that it's in his heart. :)

At the end of the first fan clip, Ron is seen snatching food from Tavia. :P

Fan Clip

Fan Clips





[taviayeung.com] 楊怡「好犀利」生日會2010MV

[taviayeung.com] 20100829楊怡最感動的生日禮物

Happy birthday to Ron and Tavia! Wish them health and happiness! :D

*Credits to www.tavia.org, Rachel Wong @ tavia.org, 心悅 @ tavia.org, LoveYiMan*文 @ tavia.org, Like_Manchi @ oh-tavia.com, 踢踢 @ tavia.org, ronstation @ Weibo, somecj @ Weibo, 欣欣Zuky @ Weibo, kikistar @ Weibo, 羲琴 @ Weibo, samfuntav @ tavia.org, ronngbar.com, and race2r


  1. My favorite pairing! <3
    I was wondering if you were gonna blog or tweet about TaRo's b-day party, haha. :P
    Aw, I didn't know that Garly had the same birthday as Tavia. That's cool, makes them closer. :P Thanks for the snippets of their party. ^_^

  2. Taro is my favorite couple too ^-^ thanks for all.

  3. i feel so happy for them !!!
    they have been always clebrating it together for the past couple of year.
    they are really good friends : )
    i support Rota too so i am looking forward to see their new upcoming drama.

  4. So cute! I like TaRo so much better than FungYi. Wish TVB would pair them up more. LOL, I'm still hoping for a modern "The Four" with TaRo paired up.

  5. To dvd:

    Yeah, I didn't want to post this without the TVBE clip. I also wanted to compile more pictures. :)

    To greenhotchilipeper:

    You're welcome.

    To Angela:

    Ron and Tavia have been celebrating their birthdays together since 2003. The only year they didn't celebrate together was in 2007. So, they this is their 7th party. :)

    To Advo:

    It would be great for the cast of "The Four" to film together again. :)

  6. Hi Hyna5,

    just when i'm liking this couple & thinking that they might have an underground r/s, there's a post on TVB@forum that said otherwise, it's a fresh rumour quite recent @http://forum.tvb.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=109073&st=0&sk=t&sd=a - appre if you cud translate for us, thanks!

  7. I'm trying 2 figure out how to put a proper link for ez access, see if u can go from here:


    Sorry if it did not open to a new page/tab. FYI i just copied n paste the chinese character, hehee

  8. Cute TaRo, this yr there is only one cake and is smaller..haha, i remember it used to be two separate cakes. So cant wait till YSNS, havent seen them filmed together for sooo long

  9. To Anonymous:

    That's not a real article, so it's not worth translating. Sorry!

    To artbox:

    I also noticed that there was only one cake this year.

  10. hyn:

    it's ok, sometimes being illiterate in chinese is not too bad! atleast i dun get 'my hopes' broken ;)