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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

《真相》 "The Truth" Costume Fitting Pictures



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 25 episodes long.
- The series will revolve around lawyers.
- The cases will drive the storyline of the series.

There are 18 cases:
- 'Patricide' (弒父)
- 'Sing's Rape Case' (呀星強姦案)
- 'Uncle Wants to Appeal' (阿伯要上訴)
- 'Fell in Love with the Defendant' (戀上了被告)
- 'The Lover with a Heart of Steel' (郎心如鐵)
- 'Flying Spider' (飛天螭蟧)
- 'Impropriety' (非禮)
- 'Pitiful Destiny' (悲慘命運)
- 'Has Not Yet Consummated the Marriage' (未有完婚)
- 'Subpoena 666' (傳票666)
- 'Homosexual Fakes Marriage' (同志假結婚)
- 'Leading Actor's Destiny' (男主角命運)
- 'Barrister's Larceny Case' (大律師偷竊案)
- 'Subway Exposure' (地鐵露械)
- 'Split Up Mom's Property' (瓜分阿媽財產)
- 'False Memory Syndrome' (錯誤記憶症)
- 'Buyer's Remorse' (收買疑雲)
- 'Wrongful Imprisonment' (屈獄)

- Louise Lee will guest-star for three episodes as a lower class woman who is frequently abused by her husband (played by Wong Ching).
- Kenneth Ma will guest-star for four episodes as the defendant in the 'Fell in Love with the Defendant' case. He will play a big thief in the last case of the series.
- Tavia Yeung will play Mavis Hong Chi Yan (康芷欣), a righteous barrister who has a clear distinction between black and white, and is forthright and subjective. She is very cool and tough; however, although she has a strong appearance, she is weak on the inside. She comes from a good family background, as her father is a judge, while her mother was formerly a lawyer. She will have a romantic storyline with Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong, and she will also fall in love with her client (played by Kenneth).
- Ruco will play Keith Lau Si Kit (劉思傑), an honest and upright barrister who has a very low-key behavioural style. He comes from the lower class. He was originally in the police force, but to help disadvantaged social groups, he quit his job, and later became a lawyer. He will have a romantic storyline with Tavia. He and Tavia will play an arguing couple.
- Raymond will play Wallace Cheuk Siu Him (卓少謙), a lazy and carefree solicitor who is the head of a law firm. He is Lai Lok Yi's superior. He comes from a wealthy family. He will have a romantic storyline with Tavia such that he will like her.
- Tavia, Ruco, and Raymond will be involved in a love triangle.
- Louis Yuen will play James Wai Man Hon (韋文瀚), a barrister who is simple and honest, stubborn, knows his place, and has a great sense of justice.
- Ruco, Raymond, and Louis are good friends.
- Natalie Tong will play Cecilia Poon Hau Yu (潘巧如), a slightly silly pupil barrister who is Tavia's pupil. She will have an admiration for Ruco.
- Sam Chan will play Ruco's pupil.
- Chung King Fai will guest-star as a humourous and experienced retired justice. He is the master of Ruco and Raymond.
- Astrid Chan will guest-star as a strict justice who will be involved in a case.
- Lai Lok Yi will play a solicitor who works under Raymond.
- Matthew Ko will play Ting Chi Chung (丁志琮), a lawyer.
- Lau Dan will play a judge. He is Tavia's father.
- Angelino Lo will play Louis' mother.
- Kwok Fung will play Louis' father.
- Chun Wong will play Raymond's father.
- Rebecca Chan will play Raymond's mother.
- Max Choi will play Hero who is Tavia's colleague.
- Brian Chu will play Ho Wai Chung (何偉聰), a youth who has been abused by his father for a long period of time. To protect his mother (played by Louise), he murders his father.
- Helen Ma will play Ruco's mother.
- Cilla Kung will play Cheung Wing San (張詠珊), a student.
- Angel Chiang will play an advertisement designer who becomes a jury member. She will appear in the ninth and tenth episodes.
- Kristal Tin will play a cop who goes undercover as a prostitute in a case.
- Aimee Chan will play a pure television actress who gets raped by an Indian man.
- Leanne Li will play Lai Lok Yi's girlfriend.
- Jeanette Leung will play Raymond's ex-girlfriend.

Tavia Yeung's TVB Blog

Louis Yuen's TVB Blog

Natalie Tong's TVB Blog

Lai Lok Yi's TVB Blog

Matthew Ko's TVB Blog

FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Other Truth".

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Personal Note: Louise Lee and Kenneth Ma are only guest stars!

Why would Ma Ming's name be on the attendance list when he didn't even go to the fitting? On top of that, why would Louise and Ma Ming's names be placed at the front of the list when they are only guest stars? So misleading! 囧!

However, it is very good to see TVB giving Ruco a leading role. I sense a TVB contract.... I've said this before, but TVB lacks actors in this age group. Ma Ming is the only one in this age group, so it makes sense for TVB to give more opportunities to Ruco and Raymond.

Also, really looking forward to Tavia's role!

*Credits to tavia.org, headlinedaily, the-sun, appledaily, takungpao, wenweipo, tungstar, mingpao, and tvb.com


  1. this sounds like a really interesting new series, partly because tavia's the lead role and partly because of the cases, looks really intriguing...but the only bad thing is...after watching ruco in so many villainous roles, i can't help but hate seeing his face, his acting isn't bad, but i just don't like to see him hahaha, i'm being really biased right now, but i'm already hoping tavia ends up with raymond hahah
    oh yeah..by the way, what is a barrister? it's not a lawyer right?

  2. good for ruco chan. im watching ghost writers right now and it's the first time i've ever seen ruco chan. eventhough he doesnt have much on screen time, he is still a very decent actor....i hope he'll get promoted too.

  3. And here I was getting so excited that Ma Ming will play the lead again!

  4. To Rachel:

    I actually like Ruco. I've noticed him since "A Kindred Spirit", and I've watched him in a couple of ATV series. If you compare Ruco and Raymond Wong, Ruco is actually a better actor. It's just that Raymond Wong has a more likable look. :)

    To An Pham:

    Many have also praised Ruco in "When Lanes Merge".

  5. To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming is too busy filming "Female Fist". The crew did not even let him have time off to perform at this year's Miss HK pageant. So, it makes sense that he wouldn't be playing the leading role in here.

  6. hahah i like ruco as a person and he does have good acting skills, but every time i see his face, i'm conditioned to see a villain who caused so much trouble in so many different series. when i watched him in previous series, he just makes me so mad all the time with his evil actions, but maybe this series will change my view on him

  7. To Rachel:

    A barrister is just a type of lawyer. You can Google it if you want to know more.

  8. Very misleading to put Louise and Kenneth's name first! It's probably because both are more popular than Tavia, Raymond and Ruco.

    Anyway, I thought Ruco was a newbie. Haha! I just looked him up and he's been in many TVB series. Glad to see him leading for the very first time. It's refreshing to see TVB casting different actors and actresses.

    TVB is definitely pushing Tavia in the limelight. Possibly an award this year? This is what happened when TVB cast a certain actor/actress too many times. The audience gets sick of seeing them. I'm glad Tavia is getting more recognition, but I would like to see another actress. I feel like Tavia will have series after series out in the upcoming months.

  9. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Ruco has been around for many years, as he entered TVB in 1994 through their acting class.

    When TVB decides to promote certain artistes, they tend to film non-stop, and all of their series end up airing back-to-back. It has happened with Charmaine, Myolie, and Linda.

  10. To Rachel:
    Barristers are also lawyers.

    I'm excited to see Ruco as a good guy for once. Since people were so excited for Tavia to play evil, Ruco should be given a chance to play the good guy for once

  11. I think although Tavia did film alot of series, it doesn't mean that it will air it back to back. When it doesn't air back to back,its refreshing, but when it does you will get tired of the actor/actress no matter how much they can act

  12. yes i agree with u Tsetse that goes for some of the artistes like before kate,charmanine,linda,myolie sum of their series would air back to back sum would not.before this these four gurls were filming series non stop or their series would air back to back n there was no commentz on it(-saying they r tire of seeing myolie,kate,linda,chanrmaine-i mean i haven't read any of those comments) but for tavia most ppl are saying that they r tire of seeing her comeon ppl give her a chance tvb just started promoting her not long ago like well maybe in 2008 for MR,2009 for BTROC but 2010 they r heavy promoting her thats for sure SORRY but that is how i feel i mean i can have my own opinions right sorry fans
    n yes i do get tire of seeing the same actor/actress back to back

  13. I'm excited for this because of Tavia and Raymond. I loved their chemistry in Sweetness in Salt.

  14. Thx for all the info^^
    Raymond-Tavia-Ruco is pretty fresh and then plus MaMing, i wonder how many episodes will MaMing take, coz they were sure for LSK but they didnt mention MaMing...and looking at there so many cases, i think maybe The Truth will be like those ICAC type of dramas...

  15. Oh, how cute! Even though Ma Ming will only guest star in one case, they gave him & Tavia a small romantic link. Hahahaha. They are listening to their requests!

  16. I have no problem with artistes that have their series aired back to back, PROVIDED that they can act well. Thus, I would love to see Tavia's series back to back. Also, she doesn't have many series airing this year, only MOL and AFOS where she was just a guest star.

    I am surprised that TVB actually let Ruco leading over Raymond Wong. I thought that Raymond Wong would be first lead and Ruco be second lead. But from the chinese news, it seems like Ruco is the FIRST lead. They didn't report much on Raymond Wong at all. I wonder what type of character Raymond Wong plays.

    Anyway, I like both actors, Ruco and Raymond Wong, but because of SITS, I'm more inclined to root for Tavia and Raymond Wong at this moment. I wonder how well Tavia and Ruco can pull of the bickering couple. They were in Cupid Stupid together, but had almost no interactions. Thus, I can hardly imagine them as bickering couple.

    Anyway, I'm very interested in this series as I have always been interested in Lawyers' series. Hopefully, the script will be good. I'm surprised that they actually disclose who the killer is in Louise's case already.

    The case about Kenneth sounds like an ethical issue case.

    Ruco and Raymond look really good in the costume fitting and Tavia and Natalie look good too. It will be interesting to see Kenneth as a defendant.

  17. i like ruco but i prefer raymond i guess its rote saying dat ruco is a better actor but raymond is just more favourable!!

    also i thought kenneth will and tavia will finali haf their wish of being a couple but i guess dis is just 2 bad fates not with them hahaha!!

    im very looking 4war to dis series as a matter of fact not only becoz i love the casting but i reli lik solving case stories so happi!!

  18. Who does Natalie pair with?

  19. To AC:

    Nice seeing you again! Do you still update your blog?

    To Anonymous:

    Since Lai Lok Yi will play a solicitor, and Raymond Wong is his superior, Raymond must be a solicitor.

    Lawyers are supposed to present their best case of the evidence. It is not based on case-solving. They are court cases.

    To Anonymous:

    It did not say whether Natalie will have a pairing in here.

  20. So happy for Ruco. Though I have more preference toward Raymond Wong, I have to admit that Ruco has better acting skills.

    Another interesting point about this series is Louise Yuen actually plays a non-comedic role!

    Hats off to Amy for giving Ruco and Louis the opportunity :)

  21. To sehseh:

    Louis seems to have some comedic elements in this role. I think he would add some to the character.

  22. Oops, I realized I mispelled Louis name. Well I hope his comedic element is drawn for being straight-laced in any situation. Not those OTT exaggerated character.

  23. hey hyn5 i made a banner with some pics of the new can't buy me love. i hope u use it: http://i419.photobucket.com/albums/pp280/anpham13094/hyn5.jpg

  24. To sehseh:

    Doesn't seem that Louis' character will be over-the-top. His character's purpose is probably to lighten up the situation.

    To An Pham:

    Thanks for your good intentions; however, I'm happy with what I have. The header is not an important part of my blog, as I care more about its context. :)

  25. it's totally cool, i understand! well if you ever need any artwork done, just give me a head up

  26. Hi! I don't really update my blog anymore because I got really busy with work but I still lurk here since I love your site. :)

  27. To An Pham:

    Thanks for understanding!

    To AC:

    It's funny because I just thought of you the other day. Loved the Laughing banner! :)

  28. To hyn5:

    Yeah, lawyer's, specifically barrister's in this case, job is to present the client in the court and not solve or investigate the case. However, it is common in TVB series that the cases would keep the audiences in suspense on whether the client was guilty or not, and the answer would be revealed later.

  29. To Anonymous:

    The series will be focused on the cases, not solving the cases, as there are no cops to solve the cases. Rather, these cases are court cases; thus, the legal aspect of the cases will be emphasized.

  30. To Hyn:

    I don't know if you really understood what I was trying to say. I'm not saying that lawyers or the series for the matter will focus on investigating cases. I know that lawyers' job focuses on "presentation of the case" rather than "finding the truth", even if the title is called "The Truth". However, in TVB world, it is common that the lawyers would be told different stories from different parties. When a character of a case was introduced, they were often introduced as "She was accused of murdering someone", and not "She murdered someone". For example, in Survivors' Law 2, there were times where the client lied to the lawyers because she was scared that she would lose her case. Such thing was usually not revealed at first and only revealed after the scenes unfolded.

    Hence, it was still quite surprising that they revealed 'the truth' so fast. It's either a given spoiler or they have a different approach to this lawyer series.

    One more thing, I like the title 'The Truth' because I feel that it was partly an irony. Anyone that goes to law school and been through to philosophy of law subject would know that when a case was presented to court, one has to deal with 'The Truths' as there is not one single universal 'truth'.

  31. Another mystery/crime drama to look forward to !!!
    yes! i have this kind of dramas crime mixed wtih romance. i have always liked raymond and tavia as a couple since the Sweetness in the Salt and kenneth and tavia in the mysteries of love! so this will be very interesting!!
    so looking forward to see it.
    and Ruco i rmb him in a old 90s' drama with gallen lo where he played some minor character's boyfriend. but i don't really like tavia's new hairstyle.

  32. To Angela:

    I actually like Tavia's hair in this series, as it is different from "Flying Fish" and "Sir". :)