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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ruco Chan in "A Kindred Spirit"

Ruco Chan and Hawick Lau both graduated from TVB's 1994 Acting Class. The first series that I watched Ruco in was "To Love with Love", where he played Nadia Chan's younger brother.

In "A Kindred Spirit", Ruco played Hawick's friend, who went on a trip with him. When Hawick's character, On Jai, first appeared in the sixth episode of the series, I initially thought that Ruco was the one who was playing Cha Siu Bing's youngest son. Later, I found out that Lau Dan and Hawick are father and son in real life.


  1. wow i didn't even know he's been with tvb for so long! 16 years, even longer than raymond and tavia, but yet i've only seen him in dramas for the past couple years, even if he had a smaller role, i would have noticed him, wonder how did he get the sudden notice that pushed him to the top.

  2. To Sherry:

    Ruco left TVB and became a singer in 1998-1999. He then joined ATV in 2001. He did not return to TVB until 2008.

  3. Wow hyn5, you always have these precious videos. Ruco looked matured for his age at that time. But he is getting better looking. And of course his acting skills have sharpened so much.

  4. To mab:

    Agree, Ruco does look mature.

    "A Kindred Spirit" was Ruco and Hawick's first time acting, but Ruco seems to be more natural.

  5. oooh i see hahah i gotta go search him up now and see what series he's been in!

  6. LOL, I thought he was a newbie. It's good that TVB is giving him more recognition after his return.