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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" Promotional Clip 4

Narrator: "Once upon a time in the Tang Dynasty, the men had a dignified demeanor, while the women were gentle and refined...."

Sharon Chan: "Prince consort, come out here!"

Narrator: "Now, they are both strong and gentle--a gender imbalance!"

Linda Chung: "Looking for me?"

Raymond Wong: "Don't come near me or I'll scream!"

Fala Chen: "Pervert!"

Kenneth Ma: "I'm a royal designated matchmaker!"

Narrator: "In conclusion, the princesses are the biggest. Don't even think about having a harmonious relationship!"

Moses Chan: Even our backsides are not healthy!"

Narrator: "August 23rd @ 9:30pm. All of Hong Kong welcomes 'Can't Buy Me Love'!"

Personal Note: Raymond's line was funy! :D Ha ha.... Linda has to seduce Raymond. :P

Cross-eyed Fala looking at Ma Ming's small medal. Ha ha.... This has to be their first encounter. Fala must be teaching Ma Ming a lesson for flirting with Linda (as seen in the first promo clip). :D


  1. Thanks hyn5! Backsides... At first I don't quite get the chinese... thinking it's either butt or bowel... hehe

  2. To sehseh:

    You're welcome! :)