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Monday, August 2, 2010

Kenneth Ma & Steven Ma Reveal That They Are Afraid of Cockroaches


Steven Ma: "I'm...."

Kenneth Ma: "I'm really afraid of cockroaches".
(Steven and Kenneth high-five each other.)

Kenneth Ma: "I'm really afraid of cockroaches".

Interviewer: "You two probably see quite of bit of them when you film outside scenes".

Steven Ma: "I can't do it".

Kenneth Ma: "I will get out of the way".

Steven Ma: "That's correct".

Kenneth Ma: "Get rid of the cockroach before I go on set".

Steven Ma: "That's correct".

Interviewer: "What if your female co-stars see them? You wouldn't save them [from it]?"

Steven Ma: "Well, I really don't know about that".

Kenneth Ma: "Do you know that the female co-stars I know now...."

Steven Ma: "They are all not afraid of cockroaches".

Kenneth Ma: "She is the type who can kill the cockroach with her palm".

Interviewer: "Who is it?"

Kenneth Ma: "Let's not reveal her name. Girls nowadays are very incredible".

Steven Ma: "Yes".

Interviewer: "Let us guess. Let us guess".

Kenneth Ma: "No, no, no".

Interviewer: "Is it the one who is recently filming with you?"

Kenneth Ma: "Recent, recent. It's recent. She said she used to kill cockroaches with her palm".

Steven Ma: "I know who you're talking about".

Kenneth Ma: "But because of sanitary reasons, she now uses a tissue as an in-between before she kills the cockroach".

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: The girl has to be Fala! Why else would Steven say, "I know who you're talking about". Fala is Ma Ming's most recent co-star who has also collaborated with Steven. :D

Ha ha.... Steven referred to Ma Ming as his younger brother. He also praised Ma Ming for doing well in series. :D

1 comment:

  1. haha fala does seem like the 女中豪傑 type to kill cockroaches like that!