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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Mysteries of Love" Is Actually Ratings King



Yesterday, TVB announced "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" to be the highest-rated series in the first semester; however, "The Mysteries of Love", starring Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung, is actually the ratings king, with an average of 32 points.

TVB's Assistant Director of External Affairs Tsang Sing Ming clarified that there was a data miscalculation. Now, they have made the correction such that the highest-rated series in the first semester is "The Mysteries of Love", and he has apologized to the series' crew. Up until now, the top five highest-rated series are the following: "The Mysteries of Love" with an average of 32 points (more than 2,030,000 viewers), "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" with an average of 31.2 points (approximately 1,990,000 viewers), "A Watchdog's Tale" with an average of 31 points (approximately 1,970,000 viewers), "When Lanes Merge" with an average of 30.8 points (approximately 1,960,000 viewers), and "Ghost Writer" with an average of 29.9 points (close to 1,910,000 viewers).

Personal Note: I didn't want to translate this article, but there was confusion regarding the current highest-rated series.

*Credits to mingpao


  1. http://pub45.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=3828411584&frmid=32&msgid=1016548&cmd=show

    The Mysteries of Love got 31.9 pts.

  2. To Alec Nguyen:

    Ming Pao reported 32 points, whereas The Sun reported 31.9 points. The source that I translated this article from was Ming Pao.

    Also, there's no point in being so stubborn about decimal points, as the year-end ratings are rounded.

  3. lol...it was weird how TVB actually miscalculated and placed MOL at place 3 at the start-_-

  4. To artbox:

    Don't know TVB was trying to do. It seems like TVB is trying to cause a stir.

  5. Could it be that TVB creating a stir to further hype Mysteries? So that the series won't be forgotten

  6. To selina:

    Raymond is the most talked-about TVB artiste right now, so it makes sense for TVB to use Raymond to create news.