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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" Opening Theme Video & Full MV @ End Credits

"Loved by All" - Susanna Kwan

萬千寵愛 《公主嫁到》 主題曲 - 關菊英

作曲: 鄧智偉
填詞: 張美賢

萬愛千寵 迴腸盪氣的瑰麗 身分相當矜貴
眉頭笑靨 精雕金砌 使你著迷
萬眾空巷 熱烈來造勢 一句話 即可得到一切
大能智慧 氣派絕世 綻放光輝
望遠山 以心中美善 看到世間美麗
自信心 能目空一切
你眼睛 看出真與偽 送我最深約誓
路再彎 兩心依然默契

望遠天 縱星光燦爛 那似我心美麗
自信心 能目空一切
伴你走 縱千載百煉 也會信守約誓
愛到底 似金堅 傳萬世

"Can't Buy Me Love" Full MV @ End Credits

Personal Note: This song is quite catchy! The melody is comforting, and love Susanna! :D


  1. I haven't watched the first episode yet...
    but from this themevideo I notice 0.13-0.15 Griselda's outfit is exactly Selena's Mang Bo Yin!! So cute!

    Did you watch? What do you think of it? Hope it's funny!

  2. To lizzy:

    Yes, many of the outfits are reused from "Beyond" (that is one of the reasons why Mui Siu Ching had to produce another ancient series).

    Out of the three brothers, Moses is the most over-the-top (which I don't like). I did not find the first episode to be funny, which was expected.

  3. ^I agree about Moses being horribly OTT in CBML. Reminds me of his acting in both Eye of the Beholder and HOG which was very cringe-worthy. So far, I'm not a fan of Charmaine's acting in CBML either.

  4. Hello! Thanks for posting the theme song up! ^^ This theme song totally exceeded my expectations. Comedies don't usually have nice theme songs LOL! This song totally reminds me of Chinese New Year! It sounds so joyous! =D

  5. Ah, you added a ending video! :) Hahaha, they forgot Linda and Kenneth's name in the credits!! Also Mary, LKL, Tracy, Charmaine Li, Yoyo.

    The credits goes like:
    Moses - Charmaine - Susanna - LHK
    Raymond - Fala - Louis - Selena
    Ram - Susan - Kara - Griselda
    Sharon - Edwin
    & the rest are Ke Le Fe's

  6. I think Charmaine needs to work on her playful/mischievous looks. She tends to widen her eyes when she wants to look playful. I don't know anyone who widens their eyes when they're being mischievous.

  7. To Advo:

    Yeah, I wasn't a fan of Moses' Tak Tak Dei or Tong Bak Fu.

    To dreamlucky:

    Yeah, the song fits the CNY atmosphere quite nicely. :)

    To lizzy:

    Their names are not on the end credits because they haven't appeared yet. :)

  8. @hyn5: Oh of course!! It's because these new ending MV's making me so confused, I think I'm too used to the old credits style! Back then sometimes I would search up in the credits a ke le fe who appeared in that certain episode.

    As you know, I still haven't started watching, because I'm waiting to watch together with my family, and because of the Manila incident, we don't feel like watching until later, therefore when I saw this MV in your posting (apart from the series) it gives me the feeling as it is an apart MV, so confusing!

  9. To lizzy:

    I enjoy watching series with my sisters, too. :)