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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" Promotional Event 2


"Scoop" Clip


Yesterday, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Louis Yuen, Susanna Kwan, Selena Li, etc. attended the second promotional event for "Can't Buy Me Love" held at Olympian City. The first week of "Can't" averaged 33 points, and peaked at 38 points.

The series was aired during the Philippines bus hijack tragedy, so the cast and crew will not be celebrating anytime soon. The cast hopes that "Can't" will be able to bring laughs and happiness to the audience. They also hope that the people who have been affected by the tragedy can face the future bravely.

Personal Note: Ma Ming wasn't supposed to attend this promo event; however, TVB made him go. He and Fala left quickly after the event was over, as they had to continue filming "Female Fist".

During the event, the pairs were to come up with something to rhyme with "金家精神", followed with an action reflecting that saying.

Raymond's saying, "開開心心", didn't rhyme with "金家精神". How come Mui Siu Ching didn't make him come up with another one? They pretended to kiss, and Raymond lifted Linda.

Ha ha.... Moses took so long to come up with something to rhyme, but he then came up with "霹靂過人", which didn't really make sense. Moses then carried Charmaine on his back.

Ma Ming and Fala came up with "笑鬼死人", and then he and Fala laughed, causing others to laugh as well. Ha ha.... :D

*Credits to 佘詩曼吧, kennethma.org, tungstar, ent.qq.com, onefaibird, singtao, and takungpao

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