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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tavia Yeung @ 《巴巴閉 邊個夠我查篤撐》

- Tavia is still filming "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge".
- Tavia will not be going to Raymond's concert.
- Tavia treats Steven Ma as an older brother. (Linda Chung does, too.)
- Tavia doesn't want to go into singing because she can never remember lyrics.
- Tavia has filmed kiss scenes with Raymond, Ron, Bosco, etc., but she would like to do a kiss scene with Moses. She expresses that she would like to try the height difference. She also fantasizes about wearing five-inch high heels in order to be able to film a kiss scene with Moses.

Listen to the interview for more details!



*Credits to the-sun


  1. Ah Mo, has he ever filmed kiss scene?

  2. No, Moses and Tavia have never filmed a kiss scene together. :P

  3. i mean with other actress

  4. Moses has filmed kissed scenes with Yoyo, Sonija, Bernice, Charmaine, Gigi, and Astrid. He also has a kiss scene with Myolie in "Chau Heung".

    For some reason, I can't remember if he had any with Kenix or Kate?

  5. oh, what was i thinking?, My Bermo, i like their kiss

  6. Hi hyn5,

    When I tried to extract the files, I was prompted to enter password. What should I enter?


  7. lucky, get to kiss all the best looking guys in tvb.

  8. The post has been update. The link should work without a password now. :D