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Friday, June 19, 2009

"Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Behind the Scenes

- When Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheng were filming scenes in which they are shirtless, the female production assistants (PA) are asked to leave the filming location because they tend to drool when the men are shirtless.

- One time, Jacky Heung accidentally pulled Kevin Cheng's waistband off; at the sight of this, Tavia Yeung would start taking pictures. After this incident, Kevin Cheng's waistband had to be tied in a dead knot. Because Kenneth wears cheongsam in the series, he was happy at the fact that he did not have to worry about a falling waistband. Stephen Wong also had to tie his waistband in a dead knot after this incident.

- To emphasize the sweating effect, Kenneth suggested rubbing oil on their bodies, so Jazz Lam went to get oil used for tube lamps.

- One time, Kenneth accidentally wore Jazz's pants in the series.

- Casual actors noted that the media is not allowed to visit the set. Casual actors also noted that Kenneth is usually the only one filming.

- The action design for "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" is said to be very commendable and fun. There was a scene in which Dominic Lam disabled Kevin Cheng's right arm. In the series, Stephen and Jazz also get their arms broken.

- In the first half of the series, Kenneth is subjected to suffering; however, in the second half of the series, he becomes responsible for attacking.

- Kevin Cheng had a crying scene, but because he was too immersed in the crying, he ended up taking one of Kenneth's shirt to wipe his face. On the side, Kenneth said, "Now your face is all covered in my sweat". Then Kevin Cheng tried to put his sweaty shirt on Kenneth.

Personal Note: It sounds as though Kenneth is the number one lead in the series! Ha ha.... PAs drooling...so funny! Tavia is so funny for snapping pictures of the falling pants. Ha ha.... Also, you would think Ma Ming would get mad at Kevin Cheng for using his shirt to wipe his face, but he only joked about it. How awesome is that?! Love Ma Ming!

*Credits to http://bbs.jjwxc.net/showmsg.php?board=3&id=469671&page=0


  1. Shirley yeung updated her blg with "house" they live in.

  2. I wonder when Tavia are gonna post those pics... ;)

  3. It's probably for her personal use! Ha ha... JK! :D