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Monday, June 22, 2009

Selena Li @ TVB Blog - Kenneth Ma Is Very Heavy


The guys were playing rock-paper-scissors to see who was going to buy treats. In the end, Kevin Cheng lost.

Selena Li's TVB Blog

Kenneth Ma is very heavy!!!

In the new series "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge", there is a scene where I have to drive Kenneth Ma home because he was ill. Actually, it is already very difficult to ride a bike on set, and to drive a 150 lb, person, I can't even control the bike handle!! After a few attempts, I was very lucky and was able to complete it. However, it was very shaky!! I approximately crashed four times!! But our filming crew was very incredible because they were riding and filming right behind us. Plus, the weather was super, super hot!!

Personal Note: Just when I was complaining about Selena not having any pictures on her filming! Ha ha.... They are super cute together!

*Credits to tvb.com

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