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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fala Chen's Handsome Boy Look in "Pu Song Ling"

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"Pu Song Ling" Fox Goddess Dresses Up as Male to Hit on Girls

In the new series "Pu Song Ling", I play a little fox goddess; however, this fox goddess is not one who seduces others husbands. However, this is a fox goddess who is a rather playful fox goddess and does not understand how the world works. Not only does she repay Steven Ma (Pu Song Ling) for his gratitude, but she will also dress up as a guy to hit on Katy Kung, causing her to fall in love with me. Rather than seducing men, this fox goddess is hitting on girls. My fox goddess is sure countering tradition!


Other than this being my first time playing a fox goddess, I will also dress up as a guy for the first time in "Pu Song Ling". The storyline tells of me deceiving my fox grandfather and dressing up as a guy in order to come down to earth to play. Because I do not understand the mannerism of being human, I go around hitting on girls. I even gave Katy Kung a fan. She thought that the fan was a present of affection, so she started to like me. I think dressing up as a guy is quite fun. The makeup and hair [for a guy] are not as intricate compared to a girl. I can also copy the uncouth actions of a guy. The only thing is that I keep forgetting to deepen my voice, so I do not sound like a guy.


I (Siu Chui) saved Katy Kung (Ping Ting), and I also gave her a paper fan. However, I did not know that giving her the paper fan represented a present of affection.


Ping Ting's father believed that Siu Chui was up to no good, so he condemned her. Siu Chui revealed her identity as girl to make the farce come to an end.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Fala's boy look reminds me of Jessica's boy look in "The Game of Deceit". :)

*Credits to tvb.com

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