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Thursday, June 26, 2014

"The Misadventure of Zoo" Completion Banquet



J2 Clip


Kenneth Ma Vying for the Taken Niki Chow: Wish for More Kisses

'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma and Niki Chow went to Tsim Sha Tsui to attend the completion banquet for TVB's new series "The Misadventure of Zoo". Kenneth revealed filming an advertisement with Tracy Chu as a couple partnership: "Going to Shenzhen with Tracy to film for two days. (Couple partnership?) We have rumours...don't know if the fee is higher. We are currently under the same manager. The rumours should be helpful". He also said that he wants to have rumours with Niki, who is taken, but also afraid of being the 'third party', so forced to give up: "Hope to be rumoured with her. (Be the third party?) Well, that would not be good. Be a onscreen couple! Actually, I want to be the real [boyfriend]!"

After hearing this, Niki greatly praised Kenneth as being a 'good guy', and also praised his singing: "We are singing the new series' theme song together. His singing is good to listen to. (Kenneth gave his first time singing to you?) It's not, is it? I thought about looking for him to be the male lead in an MV. I am recording Mandarin songs...should be releasing an album next year".

Taking the Initiative to Add Sweet Actions

Niki revealed kissing Kenneth on the cheek in the new series: "I added sweet actions between couples for my character, such as kissing his cheek until the facial features change shape to make [the viewers] die of cheesiness!" When asked whether she added how she usually gets along with her boyfriend in the series, she immediately smiled in silence.

Niki, who became happier the more she talked, mentioned again that, as long as you treat Kenneth to sour candy, his eyes would light up from happiness: "If dating him, it should be very simple...already satisfied when treated to candy!" After hearing this, Kenneth immediately said, "Not this simple. Must have an additional two kisses first! This time, obtained one kiss scene. Hope that there are more in the next collaboration...this is my wish!"

《On Call》 Episode 1

《On Call》 Episode 2

《On Call》 Episode 3

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming tends to wear glasses after he wraps up a series. :P

He he.... Niki praised Ma Ming's singing! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org and the-sun

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