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Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Promotional Event 2




"Scoop" Clip


Kenneth Ma, who was wearing an ancient costume under the hot sun, and a group of "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" cast members were in Tsim Sha Tsui promoting the series. The big group opened a way with a dragon dance. On the way, he and Selena Li had their pictures taken with citizens. He expressed not being worried about the World Cup affecting the ratings, and believes that this series' content is weird and interesting...suitable for children to watch.

When mentioning that Lin Xia Wei and Ngo Ka Nin had many intimate scenes in the series, Kenneth complained about not having intimate scenes with Selena, who portrays his wife: "Don't know why the producer had to benefit Ka Nin, or did not benefit Xia Wei. Apart from that time in 'The Mysteries of Love'...back then, everyone said that that role was the best of the entire year".

Selena Li Says That It Is Sweet to Help Kenneth Ma Pick His Nose

Selena Li attended a promotional event for "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" in Tsim Sha Tsui. She revealed performing an 'intimate' scene with 'husband' Kenneth Ma in the series. She laughingly said, "We are a very plain and simple married couple. For the first time in a series, used my finger to pick his nose. I think that it's even more intimate than kiss scenes. In real life, I also never tried it before. (Will you try picking your boyfriend's nose in the future?) Would not. Selena Li's personality would not do that". She frankly said that the nose-picking scene was suggested by herself, and that Kenneth also did not mind and just did it: "I think that it is very natural...very raw. Did it in that character and under those circumstances. Believe that viewers would also not find it disgusting...would only think that we are very cute. (Told Kenneth to clean his nose beforehand?) No, but used a wet wipe to wipe my hand after completing filming. (He enjoyed it?) Don't know about him".

Personal Note: Definitely exceeds the typical intimate scene in TVB series! :P

*Credits to kennethma.org, 李詩韻吧, tvb.com, and the-sun

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