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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Promotional Event 1


"Scoop" Clip


J2 Clip


Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xia Wei, Candy Chang, etc. attended a promotional event for "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain".

Kenneth said that "Ghost" is a funny ancient series that is suitable for adults and children, and hopes that it is able to bring up the ratings. He praised Selena, who portrays two roles, for acting well, and thinks that she is able to win this year's 'Most Improved' award. After completing the filming for "The Misadventure of Zoo", Kenneth will film the grand production "Lord of Shanghai", portraying the younger version of Anthony Wong. Although he does not have any scenes with Anthony, he plans to go to the set to watch him act.

Regarding Kenneth's thoughts on her being able to win the 'Most Improved' award, Selena asked in surprise: "'Most Improved'? Still 'Most Improved'? He really said that? Perhaps I have not returned to the company in a while...he thinks that I am new in the industry! I also hope that he is able to rely on this series to become TV king".

Candy revealed that she will film the movie "From Vegas to Macau II" next month. She will be filming action scenes in swimwear, and will even have a shoot-out with Chow Yun Fat.

Personal Note: Ma Ming and Selena are so cute! :D

Selena is past the 'Most Improved' stage....

*Credits to mingpao, kennethma.org, and tvb.com

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