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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Lord of Shanghai" Announces Main Cast



Pearl Clip

"Scoop" Clip


Temporary Chinese title: 《梟雄》
Pinyin title: Hiu Hung
Temporary English title: "Lord of Shanghai"
Producer: Amy Wong

Amy Wong said that, of all her series in TVB, TVB has invested the most in this series: "It is an astronomical figure! Like doing set construction at the Shanghai Film Center, and clothes and cars also require a lot of money. A typical street set also requires 200 to 300 extras".

The theme of the series is from the '20s to the '50s. Filming will begin next month, and will film for almost a half-year. There will also be location filming in Shanghai.

Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, and Kent Tong play tycoon roles.

Anthony plays a Shanghai tycoon.

Kent plays a domineering character.

Wayne looks forward to the chemistry that would result from the collaboration with Anthony and Kent. The story is about him and Anthony, a pair of good brothers, and Kent conquering the world. In the end, it develops into a tripartite confrontation becoming a situation of mutual carnage.

Ron Ng plays a lawyer who grew up overseas. He returns to Shanghai, and helps Anthony build his empire. Most of his scenes are with Anthony.

The two female leads, Myolie Wu and Louisa So, and Kenneth Ma could not attend the press conference due to work.

Natalie Tong, who has many partnering scenes with Anthony, frankly expressed having pressure from collaborating with Anthony, but also thinks that it is a rare learning opportunity; thus, she has asked the producer to increase her partnering scenes with Anthony.

When Amy was asked how she persuaded Anthony, she said, "The series has a line: 'A mountain of gold and a mountain of silver are not comparable to a mountain of humanity' (金山, 銀山不及人情山). Humanity is very important. Don't talk about money".

Personal Note: Don't know why there was a need to hold this press conference, as the male leads were already revealed early on.... o_O

Nice to see Kent Tong back!

*Credits to leerainrain, the-sun, and Weibo

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  1. Why Myolie?! She doesn't fit this kind of roles. Even Alice Chan is better suit.