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Thursday, June 19, 2014

《梟雄》 "Lord of Shanghai" Costume Fitting



Date: June 19, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《梟雄》
Pinyin title: Hiu Hung
Temporary English title: "Lord of Shanghai"
Producer: Amy Wong

Attending Cast: Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Kent Tong, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Louisa So, Alice Chan, Jade Leung, Natalie Tong, Eddie Kwan, Amy Fan, Grace Wong, Ngo Ka Nin, Mat Yeung, Jeanette Leung, Wai Ka Hung, Parkman Wong, Lau Kong, Helen Ma, Derek Wong, Gary Tam, KK Cheung, Ho Yuen Tung, Gregory Lee, Lee Kai Kit, Stephen Ho, Winki Lai, Rachel Kan, Joey Mak, Lau Tin Lung, Lucy Li, Brian Thomas Burrell, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Dickson Wong, Vincent Cheung, Tony Yee, Chiu Lok Yin, Louis Szeto, Andy Siu, Chan Wing Chun, Wong Wai Tong, Man Yeung, Kelvin Leung, Calvin Chan, Jackie Cheng, Terrence Huang, Kelvin Lee, and Ken Law.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room


"Scoop" Clip

"Scoop" Clip


- 30 episodes long.
- The series will film for almost a half-year. There will be location filming in Shanghai for two months.
- The story stretches across the '20s to the '50s, touching upon warlords, the Japanese invasion of China, the civil war, etc. During the time of Shanghai's internal and external troubles, three great ruthless heroes divided into three worlds. Afterward, because of national enmity and family feuding, an exciting and compact plot is performed.
- The story is about Anthony Wong and Wayne Lai, who are good brothers, working together to conquer the world; they encounter Kent Tong, who has already gotten rich. A tripartite confrontation becomes a situation of mutual carnage.
- Anthony will play Kiu Ngo Tin (喬傲天), a Shanghai tycoon. He lived during turbulent times, so he had to use force to support himself. In order to survive, he goes from being an ordinary commoner to a gangster. At first, he followed Kent, but later gained initiative and controlled Kent, becoming a ruthless hero holding great power; however, he asks himself whether his whole life was to chase after this money and fame. Shanghai was invaded by the Japanese; he did not agree with good friend Wayne going over to the enemy, so he had not choice but to go against this traitor, saving many Chinese people and doing many things that were highly revered. He is a flirtatious love expert. In his youth, he was captivated by Beijing opera artiste Myolie Wu, but she belonged to someone else. Afterward, he reunites with Myolie, and becomes even more mentally moved by her; the two's feelings grow. He gets caught in between Louisa So and Myolie, but there are no kiss scenes. He is based on Du Yuesheng (杜月笙).
- Wayne will play Kung Siu San (龔嘯山), a Shanghai tycoon. He has an extremely explosive personality; his nickname is 'Crazy Dog' (癲狗). He and Anthony are good friends who experienced life and death together, starting off as Kent's subordinates. He uses any means to get what he wants. He does not fool around with women, but he stops at nothing when it comes to evil, even killing KK Cheung. He would only not kill his wife (Jade Leung), whom he only loves, and son (Mat Yeung). He later clings to the Japanese, becoming a traitor. He is an antagonist. He is based on Zhang Xiaolin (張嘯林).
- Kent will play Chak Kam Tong (翟金棠), a big shot whose glory was unmatched in the legal world. He is a domineering character. Anthony and Wayne started off as his subordinates. He is extremely flirtatious, getting entangled among many women. He gets caught among wife Alice Chan, lover Jess Sum, and maid Natalie Tong. Apart from having a bed scene with Jess, he will also use being drunk to rape Natalie. He is based on Huang Jinrong (黃金榮).
- Kenneth Ma will guest-star for ten episodes as the younger version of Anthony's character, which is during the time of struggle in his youth. He does not have any scenes with Anthony. He has many scenes with Kent, and he also has scenes with Wayne. He has a slight romantic storyline with Myolie, and he also admires Alice.
- Ron Ng will play Lai Siu Hong (黎兆匡), Anthony's younger brother. He studied law overseas. After returning to his country, he works as a lawyer. He is a lawyer who opposes gangs. He returns to Shanghai, helping Anthony build his empire, but they later turn against each other. He is an upright person, but he has to choose between righteousness and family. At first, he is a very good person, but he later gets his hands on all of Anthony's things (money and property); thus, Anthony's most unhappy thing in the end is him treating him like this. Most of his scenes are with Anthony.
- Myolie will play Ku Siu Lau (顧小樓), Anthony's confidante. She is a Beijing opera star. She previously adored Beijing opera boss Raymond Cho. After experiencing the hardships of life, she reunites with Anthony. At this time, Anthony has already married her good friend, Louisa; the two do not want to make Louisa heartbroken, so there is no further development, getting to the stage of loving but not being able to love. Afterward, the two's relationship exceeds love. She even experiences life and death, which moves Anthony's heart even more. She, Anthony, and Louisa have a triangular relationship. There will be no intimate scenes. Her main partners are Anthony and Louisa.
- Louisa will play Cho Yuet Lan (曹月蘭), Anthony's wife. She is a former Opera artiste. She and Myolie are good friends. She stopped doing stage performances after marrying Anthony, but would still watch opera and would also sing at home. Afterward, her mentality changes because she gradually discovers that her husband's heart has always been facing Myolie. She is based on Yao Yulan (姚玉蘭).
- Alice will play Yiu Kwai Sang (姚桂生), who runs a brothel. She is an affectionate and righteous triad boss lady. She gets pursued by Kent and marries him, helping him conquer the world. Afterward, a third party appears, but she still helps in protecting Kent's career. She is based on Lin Guisheng (林桂生).
- Jade will play Wayne's wife. She romantically elopes with one of the ruthless heroes.
- Eddie Kwan will play a political party member's right-hand man.
- Raymond will play Seung Man Ban (尚文彬), a charming Beijing opera boss. He and Myolie develop a relationship. He is based on Mei Lanfang (梅蘭芳).
- Natalie will play Lee Chi Ching (李芷晶), a maid who experiences many ups and downs. She gets abused and jumps off a building. She and Kent have a kiss scene. She gets raped by Kent.
- Grace Wong will play Chor Ting Ting (楚婷婷), a righteous reporter who abhors evil as a deadly foe and hopes to expose the darkness of society. She writes badly about Anthony, as he sells opium. She is Ron's girlfriend.
- Ngo Ka Nin has many action scenes.
- Mat will play Hok Yiu (學堯).
- Jess will play Chuk Yi Hung (祝綺紅), a songstress. She is a very coquettish person. She is Kent's lover who triggers the ruin of Kent and Alice's marriage. There is a scene where she seduces Kent. She is based on Lu Lanchun (露蘭春).
- Wai Ka Hung will play Mak Hon Lam (麥瀚林), Anthony's disciple. He is a housekeeper.
- Helen Ma will play a fruit seller.
- Derek Wong will play Luk King Chuen (陸敬泉), Anthony's disciple. He is a deputy editor in chief on the surface, but he is actually Anthony's informant. He is Grace's senior.
- KK will play a government specialist.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play Ku Man Lung (古文龍).
- Gregory Lee will play a Shanghai gangster. He is a killer. He is Wayne's right-hand man.
- Winki Lai will play Anthony's younger sister. She only appears as the younger version.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play Chi Man (志文), Grace's younger brother. At first, he is against drugs, and then he is anti-Japanese. He has quite a bit of scenes with Anthony and Ron.
- Tracy Ip will play a spy and Shanghai singer.
- Ho Chun Hin will play Biu Nip Yung (鏢聶勇), Anthony's disciple. He is a killer bodyguard.

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FYI: Jeanette Leung was originally cast as Kent Tong's second wife; however, because she had some accidents, Jess Sum as taken her place.

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Personal Note: Don't like this genre, but nice to see Anthony and Kent filming for TVB.

Anthony looks like Ip Man. Don't really like the mustaches on Kent and Wayne, but prefer Kent's look of the three guys.

Ron's clothes are really baggy...couldn't they have given him a more fitted suit?

Myolie should be playing the male opera role again....

Natalie's roles are always the same....

Mat playing Wayne and Jade's son?! o_O' Yeung Chiu Hoi playing Grace's younger brother?! o_O

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