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Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Tiger Cubs II" Filming in Sha Tin


Pearl Clip


Joe Ma Gets Heat Stroke from Being SDU

Yesterday, TVB's new series "Tiger Cubs II" was at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) in Sha Tin doing location filming, using the LCSD as the Supreme Court. Artistes Joe Ma, Oscar Leung, Him Law, etc. confronted hostage-taking suspect Johnson Lee. In the end, undercover cop Linda Chung, who has gone missing for a while, rushes in to take care of the matter. There were a few police cars on scene. The scene was about Joe, Oscar, and Him surrounding Johnson, who had his face covered and was wearing a mask, to arrest him. It looked cool to be in the SDU gear, but full of sweat under the hot weather. Joe revealed that he previously felt a touch of the sun: "Luckily, the filming time is not considered long...also okay". Joe, who took part in the first installment of "Triumph in the Skies" expressed having paid attention to the new installment's storyline: "The ratings are very good. Also worth it...such a good series! (Harbour hatred for not having a part in this installment?) Would not. If able to, actually want the cast members from the first installment and the second installment to film a third installment together".

Linda Chung Complains About Being Hit by Johnson Lee: Must Counterattack

Linda Chung went to Sha Tin to film the new series "Tiger Cubs II". In the series, Linda plays an undercover CIB, and also plays a couple with Joe Ma, but there are no intimate scenes...also no need to kiss: "The storyline explains that my character is very manly, so there are no kiss scenes...only need to have eye contact". She expressed that her character's personality in the series is extreme...must frequently purge and have many action scenes: "Because I put a lot of evidence, such as drugs, in my mouth, there are times when I accidentally swallow, so must frequently purge to get it back...also quite funny. I'm already bruised from kneeling down...hope to not damage the arms and legs because will be holding a concert". She also laughingly said that she frequently gets hit by Johnson Lee in the series...hope to be able to counterattack one day.

Personal Note: Wearing the SDU gear should be worse than filming in ancient costume in the summer, but it shouldn't be as bad as filming as a firefighter and having to go in the fire!

*Credits to 520stars1, the-sun, wenweipo, appledaily, and mingpao

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