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Friday, July 5, 2013

Linda Chung Afraid When Filming Water Scene


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Yesterday, Linda Chung was at a Sai Kung film studio pool filming a scene for the TVB series "Tiger Cubs II" in which she is discovered to be an undercover cop by triad member Johnson Lee. Johnson immediately gets revenge for the triad leader, beating her such that her face became swollen, later tying her hands up, covering her head, placing her in a sack, and throwing her into the water. Linda, who is not familiar with water, said, "The director treated me really well...knew that I don't know how to swim, so found a older female stunt double to film for me, but I still have to go into the water to film head shots. The director also placed a five-foot platform at the bottom of water to let me be able to stand in the water. However, I am still very scared...scared that there would be danger because previously filmed a series about me being stuck in a vehicle...a choking scene where both the person and the vehicle fell into the water. I was so nervous that I drank a lot of the water...really choked. In my entire family, only my dad somewhat knows how to swim". She also said, "In Canada, have to learn how to swim between 12 to 17 years old, but didn't know to do it no matter how much I was taught to. One time, was thrown into the pool by the teacher...became even more afraid of water, so I don't like water sports".

Afterward, when Linda went into the water, she appeared to be reluctant. [She] did full mental preparations before slowly soaking her head into the water, but it only lasted for three seconds before coming from the water, saying while choking and coughing, "Can't. Already can't breathe". The director and the diver on the side kept reassuring her, but Linda was still not willing to try again. When trying again, also failed, so [she] came up from the water to rest. Taught her to use the oxygen cylinder to breathe...learned for a while, and then went back into the water. When it was the third take, it was also a failure.

*Credits to 鍾嘉欣吧, mingpao, the-sun, wenweipo, and singtao

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