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Friday, July 12, 2013

"Inbound Troubles" Sequel Filming in March 2014


Apart from the original cast, Roger Kwok pairing up with Joey Meng, Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, and Louis Cheung, Angela Tong and Bob Lam, and Wong Kwong Leung and Mimi Chu, the sequel has also invited Hins Cheung to take part.

The sequel's story and character pairings will be entirely new.

The early plan is that Ivana and Cho Lam will no longer be a pair. Cho Lam will be developing a new romantic storyline. On the other hand, while Louis is pursuing Ivana, Hins will appear as a romantic rival, creating a love triangle.

Producer Wong Wai Sing: "The sequel will indeed begin filming next year in March. Also planned for Hins; however, because it is still eight or nine months from now, there is still quite a bit of time, so the cast has not been finalized. However, we also want Hins to join. Because [they] are friends, the end result may be even more ideal".

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Personal Note: Guessing that the chances of Hins taking part are high, especially since he's in EEG now.

If Cho Lam is indeed getting a new pairing, wonder if it'll be Eliza....

"Inbound" is still this year's highest rated series...not a bad thing, since I like the series! :)

*Credits to mingpao

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