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- TVB Announces New Calculation Method for Ratings
- "The Forgotten Valley" Opening Theme Video
- "Come with Me" Week 5: averaged 18.3 points.
- "Heart and Greed" Week 6: averaged 25 points, peaked at 26.5 points.
- "My Ages Apart" Week 9: averaged 26.1 points, peaked at 27.5 points.
- "The Forgotten Valley" Theme Song
- "Lo and Behold" Theme Song (Full Version)
- "My Ages Apart" Special
- Charmaine Sheh Guest Stars in "My Ages Apart" Finale
- "Infernal Affairs" Promotional Clips 1-4 & TVB Anywhere Trailers

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Triumph in the Skies II" AOD Trailer, TVBI Trailer & Promotional Clip 8

"Triumph in the Skies II" AOD Trailer

"Triumph in the Skies II" TVBI Trailer

"Triumph in the Skies II" Promotional Clip 8

*Credits to Albrechtsen, 狂愛TVB, ihktv, and www.myoliewu.org

1 comment:

  1. So Fala's ex-boyfriend in this is also named Daniel...interesting. Can't wait though, less than a week left!