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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kenneth Ma Saving Up Money to Buy 1000-Square-Foot Mansion



Pearl Clip


Artiste Kenneth Ma attended a smoking cessation event. He expressed that, apart from pretending to smoke in an MV, he has never smoked in real life because he does not like the smell of smoke. Regarding Kevin Cheng calling him 'Hot Property', he laughingly said, "He is actually the 'Super Invincible Big Hot Property'. He is so amazing in Mainland...also buying some million dollar flat! (Envious?) I also hope to, but my expectations are not high...enough for my family to live in is okay. Still saving up money now...I want to buy a thousand-square-foot flat".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Love how Ma Ming is holding a sign that says 「人見人愛」 on it! :P

*Credits to the-sun and kennethma.org

1 comment:

  1. kenneth, you are really 「人見人愛」 , love you so much!