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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

'TV Queen' Tavia Yeung Cries Instantly



'TV Queen' Tavia Yeung has taken advantage of the popularity of "The Hippocratic Crush", filming the sequel this year. The reporter went to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to visit the set earlier, personally seeing what is a 'TV Queen'!

On that day, 'Yue Jai' Tavia Yeung had to film a chatting and then crying scene with 'Yat Kin Tau' Kenneth Ma. During the rehearsal for the scene, Tavia's expressions were not peculiar. When the cameras rolled, the director even asked her: "Do you need eye drops?" However, the 'TV Queen' flatly rejected. Before the cameras officially rolled, Tavia first raised her head up and looked at the sky. When she looked back at Kenneth, was already full of tears...certainly no errors in the dialogue as well! In the end, this crying scene took two takes to complete. The title of 'TV Queen'...not an unearned reputation for Tavia! The reporter can be a witness!

*Credits to face

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