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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kenneth Ma Takes Care of Tavia Yeung When Filming


ontv Clip


Last year, Kenneth Ma won many awards for the TV series "The Hippocratic Crush". He and Tavia have reunited recently to film "The Hippocratic Crush II". The day before, past 5pm, the two arrived at Tai Hang one after the other to do location filming. Kenneth, who arrived on scene first, stood on the side of the road, earnestly studying the script with a staff member. Before long, Tavia arrived, only seeing her getting into the costume car to change her clothes and fix her makeup first thing. Benjamin Yuen, who is in the series, also arrived. Do not know whether he was rushing to go into position, but Benjamin hastily ate a sandwich to appease his hunger. When he, who was biting a bun, discovered the reporters' lens, he immediately awkwardly waved while closing his mouth.

Intense Pulling on Street

After a round of preparation, Tavia and Kenneth went into to position to portray a partnering scene first. Tavia, who was wearing a black blazer, with hair in a ponytail, and three-inch heels, evidently had a height difference with the tall-figured Kenneth because the position was on a slanted road. Kenneth, who has always been known to be gentlemanly, took the initiative to split his legs to accommodate. During this, the two NG-ed a few times before the director was satisfied. Although Kenneth was standing in a horse-like stance the entire time, he did not complain. Regarding 'God''s considerate care, Tavia was evidently accepting of it, frequently having a smile on her face.

Afterward, Benjamin also joined in, coming in between Kenneth and Tavia, intensely holding on to Tavia's arm, and pulling on the street. The two guys and one girl group frequently laughingly NG-ed. For the short scene, it took over half an hour to complete. Then Tavia immediately changed her clothes and left. When she was leaving, she kindly waved goodbye to the reporters...mood was rather good.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Not the first time that Ma Ming has shown his 'manner legs'...he even had to do it for Bernice, who is quite tall, in "Into Thin Air"; however, like Tavia, she was also on a slant. :)

*Credits to the-sun and orientaldaily

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  1. love you, ma ming, you are really thoughtful!