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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aimee Chan Suddenly Turns Down Series: Denies Getting Married


TVB will start filming the series "Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" in June. Originally, Aimee Chan, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ngo Ka Nin, etc. were set to star, however, it is said that female lead Aimee Chan has suddenly pulled out. Now, TVB is in a pickle, rushing to find someone to take over. Yesterday, reporters called this series' producer, Marco Law. He frankly said that there is indeed this matter, even saying, "Aimee's family has some personal matters...must return to [Canada] to handle it. (Does this role have to fight...too labourious?) Not this reason. (Have you found someone to take over yet?) Not yet. We are actively looking for a candidate".

If There Is Good News, Would Announce It

Yesterday, when Aimee was asked the reason for pulling out, she frankly expressed that she has to take some time out to return to [Canada] to visit her parents...are some personal reasons. When asked whether there were plans to return to [Canada] to secretly get married, she laughingly said, "Ha ha! Thanks for your blessings, but wait until I really get married first!" As for Aimee's boyfriend, Moses Chan, he responded over the phone yesterday, expressing that he also knows about the matter of her pulling out of the series. He said, "She has to return to Canada...inconvenient to go into details. (Would you go together?) I have things to do in Hong Kong. (Are you registering for marriage there?) Also know that everyone cares about us. All in all, if there's good news, I would announce it to everyone. I am a traditional person. If getting married, would definitely tell everyone".

Kenneth Ma Does Not Know About Withdrawal

As the series' male lead, Kenneth Ma frankly said that he did not know about Aimee pulling out. He said, "Never collaborated with her before...really unfortunate. In the series, we have a lot of fighting. (Have you practiced kung fu?) I also want to, but have been filming series...haven't had the time yet".

Personal Note: Indeed quite sudden that Aimee has turned down the series for personal reasons. Don't think that anyone of a higher or similar status will be taking over for her.

On another note, Selena said on her Weibo that she really likes her role, and that her fans would be even happier than she is...guessing that she will be pairing up with Ma Ming, since many of her fans like their pairing. :D

*Credits to the-sun and orientaldaily

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