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Thursday, May 16, 2013

《貓屎媽媽》 "Mr. & Mrs. Bean" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- The series will revolve around a coffee shop. It will use lighthearted comedy to talk about modern mother-and-daughter relationships: one is the real biological mother, while the other is the stepmother with no blood relations...what the influence would be on their daughters.
- Michelle Yim will play Ma Si Nga (馬思雅), a career-oriented woman. Because of personality differences, she and her husband end up divorcing. Later, he married the young Nancy Wu, but he died early due to illness. To fulfill the dead husband's dying wish, the two open a coffee shop together. She is a strict mother.
- Nancy will play So Mei (蘇眉), To Yin Gor's second wife. She is a good person who has not done anything to hurt anyone. Michelle originally hired her to tutor her two daughters, but she ended up developing a relationship with Michelle's husband. She is Eliza Sam's stepmother, but they have a good relationship. She is a rather easygoing stepmother. She and Vincent Wong grew up together, and they have a good relationship; there will be a scene where she helps him zip up his pants. She will have a romantic storyline with Vincent. She knows that Vincent has a crush on her, but Vincent and May Chan are a pair, so they never dated; in the end, May takes the initiative to leave the relationship.
- Bosco Wong will play Pau Chi Tai (鮑址堤). He was originally a bartender. He is extremely clever. After getting a divorce, he and his eight-year-old son become interdependent. Later, he falls in love with Eliza, but her mother breaks them apart.
- Eliza will play Grace Bin Kwai Chi (邊貴知), Michelle's clever eldest daughter. She and Bosco are an arguing pair.
- Ku Ming Wah will play So Sik (蘇晰), Nancy's elder brother. He, Bosco, Det Dik, and Vincent are good friends. He, Vincent, and Bosco live under the same roof, taking care of Bosco's son together.
- Vincent will play Yam Ka Ching (任家政), a teacher. He and Nancy grew up together. Later, Nancy decided to get married, causing him, who has always had a crush on her, to be heartbroken. From then on, he invests his feelings in May. He will have rather intense scenes with Mimi Chu, and there will also be French kissing.
- Miki Yeung will play Sung Chau Bor (宋秋波), a big star. She is Bosco's ex-wife. She is an unmarried mother with an eight-year-old son. When she was young, she never thought about having children, but she had gotten pregnant accidentally, having not pursued her own dreams and her own romance. Afterward, she gives up her son to pursue her own dreams.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a gang leader. He is Miki's boyfriend.
- Det will play Ng Kin Sek (吳健石), Bosco's pupil who is rather stupid.
- To Yin Gor will play Richard Bin Chak (邊冊), an editor and the boss of a book publishing company. He likes to drink coffee. After divorcing Michelle, he married Nancy, but he died early due to illness.
- Mimi Chu will play the mother of Ku Ming Wah and Nancy.
- May will play Tong Fei Fei (唐菲菲). She will have a romantic storyline with Vincent. In the end, she knows Vincent's intentions, so she takes the initiative to leave the relationship to help them go together.
- Regen Cheung will play Bin Shu Yan (邊恕人), Michelle's playful youngest daughter.
- Otto Chan will play a humourous Mongkok gangster.
- Plato Lai will play a coffee brewing expert. Bosco is a challenger, but he treats him like a nobody. He and Otto are humourous antagonists.
- Alvin Lau will play Pau Cho Kwong (鮑祖光), Bosco's son.

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (060413)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Coffee Cat Mama".

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Personal Note: Knew that Nancy would not be the real lead, but did not expect her to be a stepmom, especially Eliza's stepmom....

Vincent should have some funny scenes in here! :P

Joyce Tang was already named 蘇眉 in "A Taste of Love"!

*Credits to nancywu.org, appledaily, mingpao, and Weibo

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