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Monday, May 6, 2013

"My Prime Lady" First Day Filming


ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Today, Dayo Wong was working on the new TVB series "My Prime Lady" for the first day with Kate Tsui and 'Sai Sai Lap' May Chan in Wu Kai Sha. When talking about his character in the new series, Dayo said, "The character is an unlikable person, but believe that viewers will think that I am very adorable. I help prime girls find a good partner...a 'life coach' who does not accept money. 'Sai Sai Lap' is the first person I help".

As for Dayo's romantic storyline in the series, apart from Kate, also has a 'destined girlfriend', but he still does not know whom it is yet.

Kate, who is collaborating with Dayo for the first time, said, "Very fun to act with Dayo...more lighthearted than imagined".

As for May, because of collaborating with Dayo, was so nervous that she could not sleep the previous night. She said that it is the first time having so much screen time, so did a lot of homework. May said that, later, in another series, "Mr. & Mrs. Bean", will be dating Vincent Wong...also awkwardly and sweetly said that there may also be kiss scenes.

Personal Note: Dayo is so thin!

*Credits to the-sun and appledaily


  1. Im sorry but Dayo really looks emaciated

  2. Dayo is way to skinny and unhealthy looking. What happened?