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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Property Protector" Blessing Ceremony



TVB8 Clip


Tavia Yeung Has Not Watched "Beauty at War"

Tavia Yeung attended the blessing ceremony for the new series "Property Protector". In the series, she and Steven Ma will play a pair. She revealed that, because the background of the times is conservative, there will not be intimate shots. When mentioning that it was rumoured that "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" would be filming sequels in the theme of a trilogy, Tavia also hopes for the original crew to collaborate again: "However, do not use 'sequel' to continue the series name. (Afraid of following in the footsteps of 'Beauty at War'?) I have to work every day, so haven't watched it, but if using a trilogy, should be quite interesting!" Reporters contacted "Silver" producer Chong Wai Kin. He said, "Actually had the trilogy idea early on, but haven't discussed the final two installments with TVB yet. (Have the intention to film?) Considering it, but worried about not being able to get the original crew. The final two installments require actors with great acting skill in order for it to be suitable and to handle it". As for some netizens suggesting Adam Cheng and Angie Chiu, he said, "Angie and Adam are difficult to invite. If have them, would certainly be good".

Steven Ma Immediately Caught Speeding After Returning to Hong Kong

After a year and a half, Steven Ma has returned to TVB to film the new series "Property Protector". At the blessing ceremony, he laughingly said that he has not experienced the company's new benefits yet: "However, I have ten-plus episodes of the script. Being able to rest for five or six hours is also not bad, but I am still not used to driving. On the first day, was already caught speeding". Steven's look made people think of Damian Lau's look in "Yesterday's Glitter". He frankly expressed that he always dreamed of portraying the character 'Chan Sai'. As for the female lead, want Fala Chen to portray it...perhaps make an agreement to return to TVB to film next year together.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... In this series, Steven plays the third son (Damian was the seventh son in "Yesterday's Glitter").... :P

Ha ha.... When trying to figure out the year that "Rose and Ka Ming" released, Steven went further and further back! :P

*Credits to tavia.org, the-sun, and orientaldaily

1 comment:

  1. Steven sure has special fate with all his 3 tvb sisters, maybe that's why he dotes on them so.

    First day driving to work and already poor by a speeding ticket.